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RChilli Welcomes Enterprise Customers

We are proud to welcome all new customer and specially,

Hexaware : India Listed consulting firm, as our premier customer.

Samsung: I don't think any one need any introduction about them.

And Many more in USA / Canada / UK/ India and all across world. I appologize I couldnt mention all 21 customers we added in month of March. But yes, working on where we can send monthly newsletter with whats new and welcomeing alll New RChilli Family members as a client.

Cloud based product has shown a good attraction, where idea is you will pay us when you get paid by customer. This way we take responsibility of your customer to get them satisfied, as we get paid when they pay you. To understand how this works, and how you get maximum output from RChilli, please connect with RChilli Team, and we will be glad to talk with you.

Once again, if you have not tested the latest updates, then I humbly request you to test once again at RChilli.

And if you have any suggestions about which all features we should add, then feel free to call me at numbers below.We are listing and building the future idea list for us.