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RChilli Resume Parser, an innovative HR software, is the right solution at the right price.

A first of its kind, it is designed to assist corporate and non- corporate recruiters from SME segment, so that they can maintain and manage their resume database. It supports highly virtuous features like fully automated resume reading, analyzing, sorting, storing, and tracking; thereby automating your entire recruitment process and resume management. It automates resume parsing process for all your web based resume submissions as well. Using SOAP for web services, it supports a capability to parse numerous resumes irrespective of their format -

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This simple to use product turns resume text files into searchable data within no time at all. When the need arises, you can automatically match applicants with job requirements – hence adding speed and efficiency to your hiring process. Vinay informed that RChilli resume parser, an innovative HR Software is now available in two versions – Web based API solution (downloadable and self hosted model), and Hosted (application service provider model). While Web API solution can be used effortlessly to access and harness the powers of resume parser, with no installation at all; the hosted model runs on trusted Microsoft .net hosting.

You can host the web services at your end and process unlimited resumes. Vinay smilingly takes pride in the product and says, “Now my customers can stay focused on finding the right people, instead of worrying about all the tedious and error prone paperwork. They can be sure that they have chosen the best candidates available!”

Over all, RChilli has shown a great courage to offer such high value web based API solution at such affordable cost of $599. Vinay has appraised that during special promotion period, RChilli provides two years free upgrades, if the purchase is done . Normally it is shipped with 1 yr upgrade. To add more value, RChilli offers free technical support regarding the product. Mr. Sameer, one of the key members of RChilli team, has disclosed that with new upgrades coming very shortly, RChilli will be adding some more attractive features into its software, and hence more profits.