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RChilli Expands Its Server Locations to Dubai and Mumbai

RChilli, a renowned AI technology provider in the HR technology space, is excited to announce the expansion of its product offerings and the establishment of new server locations in Dubai and Mumbai.

RChilli's server locations expand to Dubai & Mumbai
Such strategic expansion of servers will enhance RChilli's presence in Asia. It reflects the company's commitment to providing localized services and support to its growing regional client base.

Understanding the requirements of the Asian market, RChilli has tailored its advanced AI-powered HR technology solutions to better suit clients' local requirements. These enhancements are designed to improve HR processes, provide more efficient and accurate candidate screening, find the right talent through skills, and enhance data-driven decision-making capabilities for HR professionals.

"Expanding our server locations to Dubai and Mumbai marks a significant milestone in RChilli's growth. These state-of-the-art servers will provide faster data processing and increase the reliability of its services in Asia. It also adds value by enhancing performance and ensuring quick response times for clients in these regions," said Jitender Thakur, Head-IT Infrastructure & Information Security.

These new servers will bring RChilli closer to its customers in Asia. They will also improve its global data processing capabilities, ensuring compliance with local data protection regulations.

In addition to these areas, RChilli product and server locations are in Sao Paulo, Phoenix, Toronto, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Singapore, Jeddah, Tokyo, and Sydney.

The new servers in Dubai and Mumbai use advanced security measures to protect the sensitive data of the human resource department. They also ensure compliance with local data protection laws, including GDPR in Europe and similar regulations in Asia.

For more information, visit RChilli Server Locations.


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