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RChilli + PeopleSoft Integration


"RChilli is the Most Trusted Partner For Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment For Global Recruitment Platforms."


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RChilli and PeopleSoft are creating powerful solutions and use cases to automate Recruiting.  RChilli integrates with PeopleSoft HCM and optimizes many use cases. 

    • Best Candidate Experience - Ask the candidate to upload a resume and let RChilli prefill complete form in PeopleSoft HCM.  It saves time for the candidate, removes data entry and enriches candidate experience. 

    • Bulk Import - Upload multiple resumes of candidates and get their data in the PeopleSoft HCM system as easily as a couple of clicks. It helps Recruiters/Vendors to quickly manage resumes in bulk. 

    • and many more.

RChilli Resume Parser Integration with PeopleSoft
use case-rchilli-peoplesoft


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