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Startup Helpnet

Let's grow together.
We want to be your partner in this journey

Managing a business single-handedly is a daunting task. We started as a startup and faced hardships. But we do not want you to experience the same. Allow us to hold your hand and help you in growing your business or raising money for your business.


How Our Startup Ecosystem Helps Everyone?


Get startup discount

We understand starting a business involves a good amount of investment. Get more and spend less! Avail $1000 discount in the first year of joining this program; subject to eligibility.


Meet the investors

Get a perfect opportunity to pitch in front of the investors in HR Tech domain. We will facilitate this for you to meet investors, pitch your product, meet prospective clients, get platform to meet influencers, and build a vast network. What an ideal way to raise money!


Endorsement via RChilli social team

How about a complete social media marketing strategy to promote your business! Our team will prepare case studies, press releases and share them socially to ensure you get maximum reach.


Get free events updates

How about getting FREE updates/information on upcoming HRTech events every month to promote sales! Be the first one to get discount coupons for events when available.


Connect with other startups

Want to explore the startup market? Be a part of our HR Tech helpnet telegram account, an amazing platform to connect, engage, interact and share ideas with other startups.


HR Tech Community

We are building a small community of HR Tech CEO. You will be a part of that and get initial invite. Talk with your fellow CEO and grow together.

Qualifying Criteria

  • You should be a startup with revenue of less than $100,000.
  • You should be actively looking to raise money.
  • You should be our first customer.
  • You should be a part of HRTech.