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Growth With Speed, Scalability, and Affordability.

RChilli is designed specifically for startups that need tools, strategy & support for growth; that's both fast and scalable. From day one, customer acquisition and customer retention have never been easier for Startups.


Get Startup Discount


We understand that starting a business involves a good amount of investment. Get more and spend less! Avail upto 90% discount ; subject to eligibility.


Endorsement via RChilli Social Team

Get a complete social media marketing strategy to promote your business! Our team will prepare case studies, press releases and share them socially to ensure your maximum reach.


Get Free Events Updates

How about getting FREE updates/information on upcoming HRTech events every month to promote sales! Be the first one to get discount coupons for events when available.


Connect with Other Startups

Want to explore the startup market? Be a part of our HR Tech helpnet telegram account, an amazing platform to connect, engage, interact and share ideas with other startups.


Be a Part of the HR Tech Community

We are building a small community of HR Tech CEO. You will be a part of that and get initial invite. Talk with your fellow CEO and grow together.


Am I eligible for RChilli Startups Program?

Alumni or current members of a premium partner of RChilli Startups Program who have raised up to Series A funding round are eligible for RChilli Startups Program.

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How Much Does RChilli Startups Program Cost?

Startups with under $2 million in funding are eligible for:
  1. Seed Stage: Companies, who have either raised seed funding or no money raised, will get the following discounts:
    1. Year 1 – 90% discount
    2. Year 2 – 50% Discount
    3. Year 3 – 25% Discount 

  2. Series A and above: Companies, who have raised either series A or above and a part of any incubators or premium partners of RChilli, will get the following discounts:
    1. Year 1 – 50% Discount
    2. Year 2 – 25% Discount 

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