3 Things That Jobboard Must Do Today!

November 13, 2015 by dev


Jobboard Qualities


“I always wanted to act, but I never thought it would be my profession. I thought that I'd end up doing other things, but that in the meantime I'd do plays.”―Gael Garcia Bernal

To work in any profession, one should not only have “subject matter expertise” but also professional approach, creativity, thinking to work efficiently. This is also true for Job boards in recruitment.To enhance recruitment process, Job boards must adopt the best practices. With this post, we would like to highlight a few concepts which Job boards must put into practice.

1) Automated Acquisition is one of the best solution to streamline your recruiting process. Don't go with me. Just try to understand it from the best who provides the same solution.

Ascendify is a combination of all the latest recruiting solutions into one platform named Talent Acquisition Platform that allows you to maintain employee referrals, mobile experiences, build relationships and employer branding in one simple solution. It automates the transition of candidates to productive new hires. It reduces the dependency on the job board and advertising spends and increased engagement with applicants.
2) Niche: Every Job board is expected to be perfect. It expects to give the best match to a recruiter and meet those expectations. Many times, Job board, isn't able to provide the relevant match due to lots of categories included in their board.

Portfolium is a Social Portfolio system for University students and recent graduates to show their skills, capabilities, and Projects. It Stands out in the competitive internship and job market; brings out very best to light, showcasing talent, skills, and passion. This approach for students helps to learn, acquire, and demonstrate must-have competencies to employers with fast-evolving skills requirements.

Portfolium in the most efficient way, tells a visual story to every candidate. It showcases your work and projects to stick out & get hired. You can see Portfolium created its Niche and personalized itself without any fuss.

3) Compare with Current Stats: Job boards' Performance is usually evaluated with the fulfillment of a given results measured against old known standards of accuracy, completeness, value, and speed.

We need to update and benchmark with the current trends.

If I'm not wrong, Every Job Board wants to be in the Top-A list of the companies in the World. It’s A Vision, and It’s a worthy Goal. But, If you don't set the date and time; How can you achieve that objective. It will remain as a dream and will never become reality.

Get free from Uncertainty, choose Automation, Rush to your board, differentiate from the market and get quick results with Easy accessibility. These are the things; that every HR Professional expects from the Job Board. And above are the three qualities from where You Can take the right path.

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