A Gamechanger in the HR Tech Industry-RScript

by Navjot Kaur

2020-11-25 (1)Are you tired of dealing with the lengthy API integration of a resume parser?

Are you looking for a shortcut?

Well, RChilli has the solution for you. 

We are introducing RScript, a web plugin, that can shorten the integration time of a resume parser from approx. two hours to just two minutes.

Isn’t it amazing?

The users need an API call to use a parser. However, RScript acts as a gamechanger in the HR tech industry by facilitating the integration process with a ready-to-use JScode. If your website has a resume upload form, you can easily use this awesome plugin.


How Does RScript Work?

It is incredibly easy to use RSCript. Let us show you five simple steps for using RScript.

1. Choose the URL or HTML of your webpage where you upload resumes.


Please choose HTML in case your page is password protected or requires a login.


2. Map the fields with the parser’s fields. You need to verify if these are correct.


3. Select Input Options.

Choose an option from where you need to parse resumes. You also have the choice to choose the button color, text color, border color, and DropDown back color.



4. Copy the script & paste it into your web page.

     You are almost close to finishing your integration. 


5. You only have to check a couple of boxes, and this completes your integration

    That’s it! Start parsing your resumes.


Once the integration is done, you will get a success message.


RChilli is committed to providing future-ready products to its users. Everyone wants to have a quick Go-to-market strategy from a resume parser to a web page. This is the reason RChilli created this plugin so that the users can quickly integrate the ‘apply now’ button on their career page.

Are you feeling excited about this new plugin? You can always schedule a call with us if you have queries. 

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