A Perfect Way to Categorize Resumes-Skills/Jobs Ontology

March 07, 2021 by Vinay Johar

Topics: HR technology, ontology, Taxonomy 3.0


How do you classify skills/jobs for better access to resumes?

What if you get a guideline to store resumes/jobs?

or let me simplify further.

What if you can categorize your resumes based on ontology?

Let’s understand what I am talking about.

RChilli Taxonomy is an excellent collection of skills and job profiles and also provides their related information. It completely transforms the way the users search for resumes/jobs. Currently, the Taxonomy offers 9,00,000+ Skills and 5,50,000+ Job Profiles.

RChilli taxonomy has a unique ontology that sets a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with its step-by-step classification of skills/jobs profiles. It helps users to set a standard for storing resumes/jobs. 

For example, the ontology for a skill ‘Java’ is as follows:

Information-> Software Developers and Programmers ->Programming Language -> Java


If you want to check all resumes related to ‘Software Developers and Programmers’ in your database, you can do it with a click.

With this standardization, you can store all your resumes related to ‘programming language’, ‘Java’, under this domain. Thus, you can easily find resumes related to a particular domain.

This concept is extremely beneficial for Solr/elasticsearch engine users. You can easily organize resumes by getting a structured format of classifying skills and jobs.

Ontology is a critical aspect of RChilli taxonomy that understands the behavior of the entities and the relationships between them. This relationship makes it easy to relate skills and jobs with their respective domains. Thus, you can use Ontology to organize your resumes and make it easy for the recruiters to screen resumes from the database whenever required.

RChilli makes sure that its unique ontology offers a perfect standard for storing resumes/jobs by offering a step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles.

If you want to bring a system in place and organize your resumes in your database, Ontology is the perfect solution for you. 

Would you like to know more about Ontology and how it can help you quickly find resumes from your database? Give us a shout, and we will make sure to answer all your queries. 

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