Automate Resume Screening-Solve Candidate Ignore Problem in Oracle HCM

by Aanchal Sharma

Unbiased recruitment hurts not just the company but also the talented professionals. Candidate ignore is a huge problem that has been plaguing the recruitment industry for ages now. It’s time hiring managers automate their hiring approach to reach out to skilled candidates with RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM

Did you know?

  • 85%-97% of recruiters hire based on their intuition.

  • Contrary to the black-sounding names, candidates with white-sounding names get callbacks, more than 50% of the time.

  • 48% of the hiring managers accept they let bias take precedence in their candidate choice.

  • Approximately one in five women experience gender discrimination while applying for a job.

  • African Americans are twice as likely to get unemployed as compared to whites.


Bias is synonymous with human nature, and recruiters aren’t averse to it. Strangely so, most of the time, they aren’t even aware of being biased in their hiring approach. Manually screening the resumes is one-way recruiters intentionally or unintentionally introduce bias in their hiring approach.

Suppose, as a recruiter; you are on a quest to build a team that’s skilled and carries the potential to help you attain your company’s bottom line. In that case, you must ensure you’re not letting prejudices impact the hiring decisions and “IGNORE” potential candidates.

However, if you believe relying on humans is a great way to fix biased judgment, you'd instead end up being stuck in this black hole for a while.   

Fortunately, Oracle HCM recruiters can leverage automation to keep bias at bay and automate their resume screening process.  

But How Does Manual Resume Screening Ignore Skilled Candidates in Oracle HCM?

Unconscious bias makes hiring unethical, period. A usual way to review candidates’ resumes is by manually scrutinizing each CV, matching the required skill set with the ones mentioned in their profile, and then calling the shortlisted candidates for the interview.

So here are a few questions.

  1. How well do you believe a recruiter can scrutinize hundreds of CVs and match them with the selection criteria?

  2. How many hours or days would one require to skim through these resumes?

  3. Can a recruiter afford to invest days simply skimming through resumes for a single job?

  4. To avoid investing precious days, won’t a recruiter opt for a few shortcuts?

And when we say shortcuts, we mean- avoiding screening a few resumes based on names, gender, age, race, photograph, or sometimes even university or geographical location. The probability of ignoring skilled and talented candidates becomes high in the process.

Whether it’s one person reviewing the resumes or a team, manual screening makes it tough to screen them objectively. Despite the benchmarks and parameters, hiring subjectively can be a challenge.   

When manually screening the resumes in Oracle HCM, here’s how one can avoid BIAS.

manual resume screening for biased hiring

Here’s an interesting fact.

“On average, a recruiter spends 6-8 seconds reviewing a CV before deciding to shortlist a candidate.”

Does it not bring an Oracle HCM recruiter’s efficiency in judging a candidate’s caliber under the radar? Whether the hiring is due to the lack of attention or time, the lack of quality judgment with manual resume screening can cost any business talented candidates.

It’s Time You Solve The Candidate Ignore Problem With RChilli Resume Parser in Oracle HCM

It is challenging to expect hiring managers to accept they need to be recruiting the right way. However, the transition can become easy when they know how automating their hiring practices can improve their job, help them hire better candidates, and be unbiased in their approach.  

RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM helps recruiters remove bias from almost every step of their hiring process. This makes it impossible for them to ignore potential candidates intentionally or unintentionally.  

  • Powered by deep learning, the parser in Oracle HCM encourages objective-based selection processes and helps recruiters build a diverse workforce.

  • RChilli resume parser allows blind resume screening, which means the hiring managers can select data fields that help them shortlist proficient candidates. Skills, qualifications, certifications, experience, and licensing are among the 200+ data fields from which the recruiters can select.

  • The parser accurately fetches and auto-populates the candidate data from the resume and shares the database of the candidates who match the selected fields and skills-based criteria.

  • Avoid the element of favoritism with the resume parser in Oracle HCM. This helps make your hiring process fair and quality-based, enabling you to build a diversely talented team.  

Solve Candidate Ignore Problem with RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM-1

 Summing up

Whether or not you’re hiring to meet your recruiting target or you’re on the lookout for that ideal candidate who can fit your company culture to the tee, ignoring a few from a pile to save time can make you lose out on some of the most talented candidates.

If you’re stuck up in conventional hiring practices or are planning to automate, the decision shouldn’t be based on impulse. Why don’t you take a few minutes and speak with our expert?

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