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Enhance Recruitment Systems by 50%

May 21, 2015 by dev

Topics: CV Automation, HCM, HR, HR Software, HR Stats, Recruitment, Recruitment Software, Staffing

Now, it's a chance to your Team HR to adopt sophisticated tools for your Recruitment systems and simplify processes. Unsurprisingly, new hiring solutions are introduced all the time. 

And, one of our esteemed client, Wipro an Indian Enterprise was only partially automated before trying us. Most of their tasks revolved around different HCM applications and lot of Excel spreadsheets. Scattered information did blind spots in the process which lead to a disconnect between the departments. As a result managing CV data was cumbersome and painful because of resumes stored in different locations. Probably before Rchilli, Wipro outnumbered excel sheets in hiring and was left with only one option, to spend time and money on reporting and data entry.

Rchilli now enables Wipro and team to share and consolidate CV data in a single specific location for easy viewing, accessing best of profiles and structured resume data.

But now we’ve broken the internal silos and using CV Automation to manage the resume data, showcased them unique profiles with social links. What’s more, teams can work on data quickly, refine their search via Semantic and companies can make more informed decisions now.

Rchilli CV Automation system lets you discover new facts about same applicant via social that can help Recruiters discover a new point of contact or just break the icebreaker to re-engage the candidate.

In the end, we can only say, Our System keeps your CV database updated with minimal friction from existing workflows, increases coordination between teams and provides a consistent and reliable service to our customers. You won’t say no to a service that can bring you back in the game but if you’re already in, it’s time to raise the bar.

“Raise your expectations but raise automation in your recruitment systems as well,” Said by Vinay Johar.

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