Get the Perfect Candidate through a Perfect Keyword Search

April 09, 2020 by Navjot Kaur

AdobeStock_95484785-637x358Are you looking for the right candidate with the help of a keyword-based search?

If yes, you will agree that expanding this search will deliver more relevant resumes. Sticking to one or two keywords might affect your chances of finding quality resumes. With more keywords, there will be a wider scope of getting the right fit.

A perfect semantic search and match give you similar matching recommendations for resumes/jobs. This makes it easy to shortlist a candidate with similar matches readily available to you.

The matching technology takes the help of skills and jobs alias to deliver the results. Curious to know how?

Let me pinpoint that a comprehensive taxonomy includes skills and jobs alias to quickly identify the expertise of candidates. Skills and jobs alias provide multiple keywords. Thus, instead of filtering resumes through one keyword, the matching technology uses these keywords to deliver perfect matches for resumes/jobs.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say there is a job profile, Project Manager. The resume parser offers job alias such as Project Leader, Project Coordinator, Project Lead, etc. Semantic match will use these job alias to provide similar matching recommendations for resumes. As a result, it will fetch resumes which carry all these job alias instead of just ‘Project Manager’.     

Also, Skills alias broadens the scope of finding better results. For example, for a skill like Java, the parser offers skills alias such as Java 2, Java 6, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Java 7, Java 8. Semantic match will use these skill alias to deliver the results. It will fetch resumes in which all these skills are mentioned. As a result, the recruiters and hiring managers get more options to choose from. 

Semantic match takes the help of this taxonomy and offers the following matches:

  • Resume to Jobs- This means more job recommendations for a specific resume.

  • Job to Resumes- This means more candidate recommendations for a particular job position.

  • Resume to Resumes- This means similar candidate recommendations that match a resume.

  • Job to Jobs- This means similar job recommendations that match a job.

Give a boost to your search with skills and job alias, and get the perfect candidate for your job position.

Are you interested in knowing more about how taxonomy can help you find the right fit? Give us a shout.

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