How Semantic Search & Match Simplifies Job Search?

February 17, 2019 by Imrinder Singh

When Job Search is Made Easy...Are you tired of finding the right candidates?

Do candidates complain that your job application process is lengthy?

Are you looking for a solution to shorten the recruitment process?

The answer to recruitment challenges is technology. A resume parser is the right choice to fasten the hiring process. As it extracts candidate information from resumes and saves in data fields, it makes it easy to shortlist the right candidates and close jobs quickly.

But apart from a parser, there are other recruitment analytics solutions such as semantic search & match which ensure an enhanced user experience. You can attract candidates by making your website/career page user-friendly.

How Semantic Search & Match Provides An Excellent Candidate Experience?

Quality talent and candidate experience are closely related. Semantic match uses skills, jobs alias to provide resume/job recommendations. There are usually five types of matches:

  1. Resume to Jobs

  2. Job to Jobs

  3. Resume to Resumes

  4. Job to Resumes

  5. Gap Area

For a better candidate experience, semantic match helps through

  • Resume to Jobs matching for bringing more job recommendations to a candidate.

  • Job to Jobs matching for bringing similar job suggestions for a job search.

These recommendations help a candidate refine his profile in less than a minute. For example, upon searching for a job called ‘Software Developer,’ the candidates will get results for similar job profile alias. These results can be jobs such as Software Engineer, Software Designer, Software Programmer, etc.  

Benefits of Semantic Search & Match

  • Semantic search & match enhances the scope of job search. A candidate does not have to search for jobs again and again. This solution gives all possible options in one go.

  • Candidates also save their time as they get quick job recommendations.

  • It shortens the job search process. Candidates can apply quickly, get shortlisted in time and finally, get a job.

As a job board, you focus on making job application a smooth process. The candidate will get a great experience with such add-ons. And the result is you will get more traffic to your website and better business. Thus, make use of technology to give a spark to your recruitment process.

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