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February 08, 2017 by dev

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Businesses today use Social Media to sell, and HR tech SaaS industry is no different. But only a few handful HR tech SaaS vendors have lately managed to implement Social Media efficaciously. As a matter of fact, astonishingly 92% of US recruiters use social media for recruiting today, and these numbers are only going to increase with time.

Giving Social touch to your technology offerings help you reap key business goals. Social add-ons provide an edge over the competitors in your offerings. Today, consolidation of HR software is a big hit. Companies rather than going for Enterprise suite prefer small modules for each different vertical of HR. See there’s a scope for lot many of us.

Sierra-Cedar latest report confirms advancement in the strategic use of Social Technologies more than 20 percent from the last year. HR has become digital and to be a leader in this space; one should implement social-savvy HR tech SaaS solutions for optimizing HR function.

Here’s the list of solutions used distinctly in Recruitment-

  • For screening, using video interviewing tool
  • Psychometric/talent assessment tool to filter,
  • A background check to verify information, skill detector test to check proficiency,
  • Using different sets of simulating tests to check the performance of the employee.

The companies today are confronted with the tough challenge of attracting the most distracted generation of all times. So what makes their journey with Social Media an uphill task?

Social Media, not a part of overall HR tech Strategy

Yes, you heard it right. Social Media remains off the shelf when it comes to leveraging social for HR tech recruiting. Companies refrain from using Social Media tools in their strategies, thereby settling with lower efficiency and penetration in the market. Rather, their focus should be agility, flexibility and to enhance their reach for acquiring new customers.

According to David Ulrich, HR should be a “technology proponent,” which means synchronization with the current trends. Social add-ons can lift HR tech SaaS and augment the communications between the diverse workforces of today.

Brand Image

HR tech SaaS companies have this dilemma; if they include Social in their offering, it will dilute their image and cause a dent on their branding and positioning, which is absurd and an overrated fear.

Brian Sommer of TechVentive Inc. Totally disagrees with this ideology and considers Social apps to simplify lives of HR staff rather than being limited to a rank-and-file system.

Wrong Results

How can software deliver if something is not implemented correctly? This is what happens in the case of most HR tech SaaS adopters as per technology research firm Gartner’s survey where 50-75% of all HR initiatives fail to deliver. The primary reason for not getting the results is poor administration and zero adoption of these technologies for their use.

Rchilli always knew that the digital transformation is awaited and it will disrupt the HR in all possible ways. As expected, we were and are prepared. Rchilli has rolled out special add-ons that integrate in-sync with their existing solutions for the market. Here’s a sneak preview of what we offer:

Resume Enrichment- Discovers new info from CV and brings in new points of engagement to enhance overall candidate experience.

Social Verification- Online check is run on CVs to ensure information written on CV matches with information found online. Trust only the most authentic info available.

Social Data Augmentation- 100 percent social media proof. Discover more in less time. Our crawlers are the fastest and most efficient when it comes to unearthing and exploring social info online. Some of the top MNC’s and growing startups rely on us when it comes to Social Recruiting.

Today’s generation of workforce 'eat-pray-work-love' on social, live-out their passion and make experiences chronicle. Their skills, sociability, current location, and views are likely to be more important than the information written on a CV (possibly outdated). Social Imprints about any candidate that your client is vouching for can easily be tracked from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Github, Stack Overflow, Behance, Dribble, etc., all being the most favorite places for a social hangout.

Analyzing social data can help you ask relevant and better questions to get more insightful answers for your clients, that would help your offerings differentiate with the competitors. Social Recruiting HR tech SaaS gives your clients immense flexibility and productivity, and they can always put their best social foot forward.

Well, the reasons can be countless, but remaining 8 percent of the companies are moving towards HR tech SaaS providers in 2017.  HR tech SaaS Providers manage resources and the entire talent chain efficiently. The cost component of social recruiting will fit your bill for sure. Our tools connect with the workforce of today and offer not just any other job but the best job to the most suitable fit.