RChilli Tips-How to Choose the Best Taxonomy?

March 13, 2024 by Snehil Sharma

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Welcome back to our sixth and final episode of the RChilli-tips series.

 Are you ready to dive into more expert advice on how to hire the right talent through skills? If yes, then let's get started!

Great employees are vital to an organization's success, driving excellent results and growth. Building a top team is crucial but not easy. It takes careful planning to match roles with the right talent. 

If you're looking for ways to locate quality employees and improve your organization's hiring process, your search ends here. Taxonomy is the answer to all your hiring hurdles. 

What is Taxonomy? 

Taxonomy refers to the systematic classification and categorization of job-related data, such as job titles, skills, qualifications, and other attributes associated with organizational positions. It involves organizing and structuring this data into a hierarchical framework, typically using predefined categories and subcategories.

4  Key points to consider before purchasing a taxonomy:

1. Comprehensive Data on Skills and Job Profiles

Opt for a taxonomy that captures detailed information about your organization's skills and job profiles. Ensure it accurately represents your specific requirements. Select a scalable taxonomy that can accommodate future changes and additions.

2. An Effective Way to Organize Resumes/Jobs

Ensure that the taxonomy utilizes an ontology-based approach to classify skills/job profiles, providing a robust framework for organizing and categorizing resumes and jobs.

3. Govt. Data Ready Taxonomies

Select a taxonomy that can efficiently map with local government databases and provide information on Skills and Job Profiles from open sources such as ONet, NOC*, ANZSCO*, and ESCO.

4. Keyword Recommendations

Choose a taxonomy that offers keyword recommendation systems in your industry. It should be able to include synonyms, alternative spellings, abbreviations, and variations of keywords within your taxonomy.

Taxonomy provides a structured framework for comprehending skill sets and recruiting top talent. This AI technology systematically enhances hiring precision, ultimately leading to high-performing teams poised for success. 

We believe these tips are the sparks that ignite your journey to greatness. Keep shining brightly, and may each lesson lead you closer to your dreams. Here's to a future filled with endless possibilities. Stay inspired, stay empowered, and keep conquering your world!

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