HR Challenges for SMB in 2015

January 13, 2015 by dev

HR Challenges 2015                                                      SMB HR Challenges in 2015

Recently, we got to hear what the pro has to say about HR challenges for SMB in 2015. It came from none other than Pat Schoof, VP, HR for Udemy. According to her, differentiating SMB as a favorite employer brand among the giants like Google, Facebook and others are the toughest when alluring candidates towards the company.

She emphasized more on communicating the importance of day 1 more profoundly as it makes a huge impact through-out in one’s career. While training the managers, good experience should be ensured. Let each employee get soaked completely into the fabric of an organization. Make them understand what you do and differences you bring in the life of customers you cater not being limited to just mission statement.

She relayed more importance of having women in their workforce and how events like SF MobileBridge can help them in achieving it. This helps in creating interest and arouses curiosity about tech world in female workforce today. While hiring for Udemy, she categorized her workforce by imposter syndrome and omit the rest of them.

For any newcomer in HR world, her advice is, spend most of the time knowing about the company, culture, values, organization and processes that can help you look for the right kind of people always.

While comparing big companies with the small ones, she agreed to the fact, SMB requires more flexibility as single person can be asked to handle all kind of tasks. While picking the candidates, the one who is good at making coffee can still be better than going to boardroom meetings.

While setting expectations, the candidates should be more decisive on their gut instincts rather than surveys, hoax ratings that can tremble down their career moves easily. Most of the services in this domain first create the hype first and pitch their solutions in answer to it. Thus applicant should reach jobs with real expectations not the false.

Managing Udemy has its own tasks of HR that includes everything from onboarding new hires, managing communications, incorporating new employees into the team, instilling company values, culture apart from careful selection while picking the right ones.

To conclude this post, HR challenges for SMB would be Training workforce as per company’s culture, give them everyday first-day experience, raise them to next level before expectation rises and maneuver growth wherever possible. Now it's your turn to talk about challenges in 2015, we’d love to hear that.

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