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Global HR Events

From innovative startups to HR Tech Trends Discussions to People Management, HR Events of June 2017 cover the tactics and approaches that HR Professionals need to thrive in this ‘Innovative fast paced Disruptive Era.' We’ve compiled the list of the events including their location, date and a link to event pages.

Read ahead to find the best suitable event for you!

HR Tech World San Francisco

The event is focused on helping its attendees meet the challenges of the tech revolution to create a better understanding of the latest innovations and the impact it's making in the HR space. The theme of the Event is - Unleash your People.

UNLEASH, the recruitment and talent management gathering in the HR Tech World intends to edify Inspirational Visionaries, CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Thinkers on making bold changes and take risks that are necessarily required in this disruptive technological era.

The platform hosts a startup hub that enables startups to meet the right investors to boost up their processes, strategies and showcase their innovative solutions.


Focusing on leadership, motivation, and success the event hosts internationally renowned speakers who will bring new points of view and inspiring stories to help the attendees transform their perspectives.

Based on the SHRM competency model, over 200 concurrent sessions will be held specifically for providing HR professionals the knowledge they need at each stage of their profession.

The attendees can decide on the topics they wish to get learning in, which will help them:

  • Focus on the solutions to make their organization more compliant.
  • Dig deeper into the indispensable cutting edge technologies that are sure to impact the future workplaces.
  • Increase engagement and retention by building a strategic talent management plan.

Masters Series, Smart Stage, Practitioner Exchange, Preconference Workshops, and Seminars are some other event highlights that will dive deeper into HR essentials.

Do access their Conference Community site to meet, chat and build connections if you are attending the event.


HRTECHTANK is hosting its latest event in New York. With the aim of connecting investors and clients, HR Tech Tank focuses on HR Tech-Investment Trends and Data Discussion. There will a Demo Session of some very promising start-ups viz, PeopleSpheres, PreferHired, AllWork, Know Your Crew followed by a keynote talk by Jason Averbook. Moderated by Ward Christman, the event will host HR Tech Partnership and Integrations Panel.


Presented by Key Media, publishers of HRD Magazine and HRM Online, HRTECH SUMMIT TORONTO 2017 is based on the impacts on the advancements in technology on traditional HR Departments and workforce. It is Canada’s first ever HRTECH SUMMIT.

The event will be a platform for unparalleled learning through its:

  • Trade Expo
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Thought Leadership Interviews

Jason Averbook will be a keynote speaker sharing his views on consumerization, personalization, the role of strategy and alignment, the importance of design thinking, HR programmatic deployments, big data, etc.


The event’s rallying point is the challenge faced by HR to prove their value as a business partner and gain executive support for people agenda. The attendees will get to know the various approaches to improving:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • People management
  • Leadership skills

Insights on being an employer of choice in the industry and the latest legislative requirements and compliance issues will also be shared. The event promises to challenge HR professionals’ pre-conceptions that will, in turn, augment their leadership skills to ensure effective changes.


Bringing together 150 HR professionals and decision makers in Europe, the event is an international knowledge and project exchange platform. Key topics that will be discussed in the event are HR Strategies and Transformation process, HR technologies and innovation, Future Workforce Development, Talent and Recruitment, HR Analytics and Reporting, Social Collaboration and Workforce Learning. Multi-Touchpoint Sessions will ensure that it is one of the most effective and informal networking to reach maximum ROI through personal dialogue and direct exchange.



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