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Fifth month of the Year, May is here. The month devoted to the Greek Goddess Maia, May embodies the concept of GROWTH. Growth is what we all strive for today. So why not have a look at the latest HR Events that aim to bring forward the parameters of practical advice, insights, experiences and HR technologies.

REC Tech Conference

The event focuses on the challenges and opportunities generated by programmatic ad buying. Advanced Interactive Media(AIM) Group and TAtech bring to the executives in publishing and technology companies, the trending issues in online recruitment advertising. The theme of the event is “Revolutionising Recruitment Advertising & Technology.”

This executive forum has two integrated events:

  • The Programmatic Ad Buying Summit

This is an optional half-day program that focuses on the latest programmatic ad buying developments, standards and challenge

  • The REC Tech Conference

This day-and-a-half program offers CEOs of publishers and other talent acquisition technology companies a unique forum for strategic information curation and P2P discussions on the market, technology, customer and much more.


The four-day executive conference for HR, learning and talent leaders and their teams, IMPACT by Deloitte will focus on the massive disruptions caused by new technologies, explosions in analytics, artificial intelligence, and transforming work, workforce and worker expectations and the ways HR is responding to it.

With the theme ‘Unleashing the Power of Digital: A New World for HR’, IMPACT will be an assembly of more than 600 HR, talent and learning colleagues.

Key Features of the Conference are:

  • 24 sessions on a variety of talent-related topics
  • Keynotes from industry leaders
  • Presentations by the WhatWorks® Award finalists
  • Networking activities, workshops and more


Asia’s leading workforce management event for the last 15 years, the event focuses on the pressing questions of the disruptions caused by new technologies and social platforms, ways to adapt and engage employees and continually meet evolving business needs in the future economy. Celebrating their 15th year anniversary, HR Summit offers attendees the best ROI of any workforce management event.

The theme of the event is “Disruption Proof. Agile. Future Ready”

The attendees can choose from 6 different conferences:

  • C-Suite Symposium
  • Redesign
  • Experience
  • Develop
  • Thrive
  • SME Summit

TAtech Leadership Summit

The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions the global trade association for the talent acquisition technology industry is here with their latest Leadership Summit.

There are two sets of tracks with sessions on Programmatic Ad Buying Applications and Programmatic Ad Buying Technology

Programmatic Ad Buying Applications will include

  • Corporate TA leaders, agencies, publishers and marketing experts case studies and best practices in programmatic ad buying for retail, transportation and gig positions.

Programmatic Ad Buying Technology will discuss:

  • Traffic reporting definitions and standards
  • Programmatic metrics and analytics,
  • Targeting and re-targeting issues and opportunities
  • Business strategies and case studies.

HRUSanDiego – Sourcing & Technologies

The event focuses on the Sourcing & Technology and its influence of changing business processes, models, structures, perspectives.

It is the best opportunity to network with top level executives, meet the best technology vendors and startups from around the world. There was an application process for participating in the event, and the ones who have been selected don’t have to pay any charges. The number of participants is limited to 120 people.

The event ensures that the attendees have real, close, relevant conversations and actively participate helping them get acquainted with the latest HR innovations and technologies.

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