Move from Taleo To Oracle Recruiting & Hire With RChilli Resume Parser

by Aanchal Sharma

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The existing competitive recruitment industry is constantly facing challenges in the candidate hiring process- right from screening the resumes, calling them for the interview, & onboarding. Hence, it’s no surprise that companies leverage cloud technology to make the recruitment process strategic and agile.  

The ERP recruiters are constantly driven to expand their horizons towards human capital management. In doing so, the recruitment practices have evolved from being cost-centric to value-centric, and this transition has seen a tremendous increase in the quality of hiring.  

Taleo, also known as Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC), has been referred to as the industry leader in the talent acquisition market. Nevertheless, for the Taleo clients who’ve employed Oracle HCM Cloud Core HR, there’s now an improved alternative- Oracle Recruiting, the recruiting module in the Oracle HCM Cloud suite. Released in June 2018, Oracle recruiting was engineered organically within the Oracle Cloud to help the companies introduce key business functionality on a similar platform as Oracle HCM Cloud.

What is Oracle Recruiting Cloud?

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a comprehensive solution for screening, recruiting, & onboarding candidates. With enterprises already using Oracle HCM Suite, this Oracle Taleo substitute proves to be an ideal alternative. Compared to the standalone Taleo, Oracle Recruiting offers a diverse range of benefits, upgrades, and returns. Along with this, it caters to the current requirements of businesses, including monitoring, tracking, and measuring the talent information within the HR gamut.  

One of the primary reasons for Taleo clients making a shift to Oracle Recruiting Cloud is that the central focus has shifted to candidate experience. Throughout the recruitment process, Oracle Recruiting Cloud intends to address each challenge faced via a data-driven and responsive user experience. The new module is designed to be self-intuitive for sourcing and connecting with the candidates, while empowering the recruiters with AI-based matching.

When compared to the offerings by Taleo, Oracle Recruiting Cloud offers a seamlessly integrated solution that delivers unparalleled benefits and returns. We’ve listed the top six benefits recruiters are intended to benefit from:

  • Enhanced Data Quality: With Oracle Recruiting Cloud, the number of integrations required to sustain the system dramatically reduces. For instance, the integrations for the job details, company and location, existing employees, and new hires are no longer required. This functionality reduces the expensive data errors that are bound to happen while recruiting and onboarding.   

  • Integrated Reporting: Oracle Recruiting allows companies to house all the current HR data within a single reporting tool. The professionals are saved from the hassle of exporting the data from a third-party cloud solution. This enhances the decision-making when it comes to identifying the best industry talent, linking the job positions to talent profiles, recognizing the internal talent, and much more.

  • Single HR Platform: The Oracle Recruiting Cloud gives HR professionals leverage to classify all their HR activities in one location. When it comes to identifying the achievements or skills of the new hires, the managers can work their way around the self-service interface.

  • A Seamless Onboarding Experience: HCM Checklist is the tool within Oracle Recruiting that leverages the onboarding process. The need for the customized forms and data integration with Taleo is nullified since the new hires are introduced to the HCM core employee’s self-service feature.  

  • Enhanced Suite Experience: Oracle recruiting Cloud gives the recruiters access to the information on the hiring status and an exclusive user experience, job position details, work modules, security profiles, and configuration tools.

  • Data-driven Results that are Intelligent & Adaptive: Oracle Recruiting functions using the technologies including chatbots and adaptive intelligence. Talk about an elevated candidate experience with a dynamic conversation-based interaction instead of the dull and tedious form-driven approach.

Oracle Recruiting Features

Positive candidate experience is one of the most crucial aspects of the current hiring landscape. One can say it’s the first step towards laying a positive company image among the candidates and this starts right from applying to the job. Despite being the most important element, it’s also the biggest challenge among the Oracle users. However, there's a solution for Taleo users planning to move to Oracle Recruiting and enhance their recruitment process.

How RChilli Resume Parser helps the clients making a transition from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting recruit better?

RChilli’s Resume Parser + Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin helps the recruiters streamline their recruitment practices and enhance a positive candidate experience with:

  • Positive Candidate Experience: The one-click apply feature saves the candidates valuable time that otherwise is wasted filling out the resume details on the job application form repeatedly. This results in the candidates sticking around and applying to the jobs. Hence, the applicant drop-off rate also reduces remarkably.

  • Global Hiring: RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM leverages the reach of the recruiters to global candidates by parsing resumes in 30+ languages, including Arabic, Dutch, German, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Canadian French, and more.   

  • Parse Resumes In any Format: RChilli resume parser for Oracle HCM help the recruiters reach out to potential candidates by parsing CVs in any format, including DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOCM, DOTM, DOT, and DOTX.

    Parsing resumes in multiple formats offers significant benefits for recruiters. It enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for manual file conversion and supports a broader range of candidate submissions, making the application process more flexible. This leads to more comprehensive data extraction and accurate candidate profiles.

    The parser further fetches the data from the resumes and automatically saves the entries in the Oracle HCM Cloud.

  • No Manual Data Entry: Manually screening resumes brings with it errors and eventually high chances of missing out on talented professionals. With RChilli’s resume parser, a recruiter gets to customize the screening process by selecting the fields like skills, education, experience, certifications, and more. The parser is engineered to fetch the data of nearly 140+ data fields accurately, reducing errors and unconscious bias.

RChilli Resume Parser features


For companies facing a scarcity of talented professionals and finding recruiting challenging, a move from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud has proved to be a well-made decision. RChilli resume parser has bridged the gap between a recruiter and a skilled candidate through automation.    

We’d like you to spare 15 minutes from your busy schedule and give us a call to show you how RChilli’s resume parser can be your ideal Oracle HCM recruitment partner after moving from Taleo or shoot us a mail and we’ll get back to you.

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