RChilli @ Advantary CEO Roundtable Series - Dealing with COVID-19

May 26, 2020 by Navjot Kaur


COVID-19 is putting a profound impact on businesses across the globe. However, every company has a unique way of dealing with this pandemic.

Keeping this in mind, Advantary organized a CEO Roundtable Series, where various CEOs from different backgrounds came together at one platform. The idea was to discuss how COVID-19 was impacting their business and how they were dealing with it.

Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, was also a speaker at one of these series. He shared wonderful insights into dealing with this prevalent issue.

It was an amazing experience at the series listening to other esteemed speakers like William Santana Li, Dave Monk, Carol Mann, Mark Proud, Elan Amir, Gil Allouche, David Ratner, Chip Venters, Sravan Puttagunta, R. Paul Singh, and Stephane Panier. They shared their valuable opinions, which made the discussion constructive. You can watch the complete video here.

Vinay said that he sees this pandemic as an opportunity to learn and discover new ways of working. He is also curious to see whether there will be U-shaped or V-shaped recovery post this pandemic.

On Absorbing the Effects of COVID-19

Recruitment is the biggest hit these days. As RChilli is into the HRTech space, we experienced a state of panic in the beginning. Customers started canceling their plans one after another. Some asked for a refund while others needed more time to make the payment. But somehow, we figured out strategies to deal with this unexpected change. And we were able to control the situation. 

RChilli’s Innovative Ways to Handle COVID-19 Issues

  • Cutting Down Costs

This was our first step towards handling the challenges. All our teams sat together and devised strategies to cut down the cost of sales, delivery costs, etc. The best part is our backup plan saved us from this disaster. 

  • A Personalized Approach for Customers

We started a new concept, ‘Happy Call Hour’. It is picking up a few customer names every day and calling them randomly without any appointment. This is not a sales call. We just enquire about their safety and health because, at this sensitive time, even our priority becomes the well-being of our customers. This is an excellent connecting point. We feel closer to each other and share a more friendly relationship. As a result, we have now started recording video testimonials. impress.ai has recently shared their experience of working with us.

  • Discovering a New RChilli Work Culture

This is the first time our entire team is working from home. To ensure that our team members stay motivated, we reserve Friday afternoon as our social activity session. A few days back, we organized a ‘Fun Activity session’ that included a zoom pen prank and solving the Rubik cube.


Coronavirus has brought significant changes in the way the business works. But our commitment to serving our customers remains the same.


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