RChilli Salesforce Integration- No more Tedious Manual Data Entry

December 09, 2021 by Aanchal Sharma

Crucial, fundamental to every business set-up, and highly tiresome to complete- this is how I would define data entry, when done manually. Manual data entry so far, has been an integral part of the recruitment process, regardless of the flaws that come with it. It’s slow, and there's inaccuracy almost every time, which is evident considering how boring the job can be. Let’s not forget the expenses companies have to bear that come at the price of losing a perfect candidate because of someone else’s lack of attention.


But this is the story of recruiters who haven’t yet automated their backend systems. If you are among a few recruiters, who still swear by the efficiency of the manual process, this piece can enlighten your perspective. How? We’ve underlined a few but important flaws that come with the manual process and how RChilli’s resume parser in the Salesforce ecosystem can help you.

  •         Flaw #1: Can’t Avoid the Human Errors

Mistakes are inevitable, especially when someone gets to do a job that bores him/her, or is stressful. Skimming through hundreds of resumes is just that type of a job. Segregating the candidates based on skills and proficiency is bound to carry errors with manual data entry. There can be flaws related to filling in the correct details or missing the skills, experience, or qualification that matches the requirements. Imagine going through the CVs all over again because of the lack of shortlisted candidate data. Not only it wastes time but it is equally embarrassing.

RChilli Solution: 

The resume parser in the Salesforce environment saves you from slip-ups. All the recruiters have to do is upload single or bulk resumes, and it populates the fields automatically. To be precise, 140 fields including experience, skills, education qualification, and more. You can say that the manual entry is reduced by up to 89%.

  •         Flaw #2: Manual is Slow

How long can you sit and process resumes in one go? Hardly an hour. So, it won’t be wrong to point out that manual data entry is tedious and time-consuming. The work efficiency further deteriorates when there are numerous resumes in different official inboxes. Selecting hundreds of resumes from different IDs is not only cumbersome, but one might tend to avoid going through the whole process over and again. Adding on to it is the discrepancy in the quality of hiring when one has to skim through the resumes all over again to shortlist the candidates again for the same position.

RChilli Solution: 

The intelligent AI resume parsing Salesforce integration makes the data entry process faster. The feature to process resumes from multiple email accounts gives recruiters a chance to save valuable time. In cases where a profile needs applicant filling sooner than expected, as a recruiter, you can reuse the Salesforce contacts and leads and reduce the hiring time.

Flaw #3: Candidate Filling The Details Repeatedly

Manual data entry is tedious not just for the employees but also for the candidates. How? Well, the current competitive scenario especially after COVID is witnessing a consistent growth in the demand for skilled candidates. Spending time filling in the details that are already mentioned in their resumes often make them leave without applying.This also gives an impression that your company as a brand doesn't value their time. Talk about brand building.    

RChilli Solution:

Automating the process will help you enhance your brand value. RChilli’s intelligent solutions help the candidates apply for the job with one-click apply feature. They won’t have to spend time and energy filling the details mentioned in their CVs. That is how you can also enhance the positive candidate experience.    

RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce- An All-In-One Solution

Along with the solutions above, RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce is also designed to parse multiple multi-lingual resumes. This means that you can hire employees from different countries with a one-time configuration setup of the parser. There are nearly 30+ languages that the parser can process the resumes in, like

  • Portuguese 

  • Turkish 

  • Russian

  • Italian 

  • Dutch

  • Polish

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Hebrew, to name a few  

Summing it up, if you’re fine with splurging on the salaries of the data entry team or else like the increasing number of your employees, your idea of hiring more people is fine. I’ve not even counted the expense involved in re-hiring if the current employee under-performs. 

Deploying the automation software to assist you in the effective data entry process means you will help your employees save a lot of their time and enhance the work productivity, and yet the results would be much enhanced. The human resources team, in fact, will get time to focus on value-centric work. Bottom line, the data entry results become more accurate.

Would you rather waste both time and money in the manual data entry process or automate your backend for better results? Schedule an appointment now and see how the resume parser in SalesForce makes the difference.

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