Recruiters Make Your Search Social?

January 29, 2015 by dev

Social Recruiters

Inputting query and getting outputs not desired may look weird to you. Well hold on there, we’re talking about your recruitment searches when you hire your next. Seems like you have just jumped on the internet to find each individual profiles and waste your most precious resource i.e. Time.

Rchilli can help you with this!

We’ve an utter Simple, Smart and Social Parser that can fetch all available profiles in one go without any hassle.

Socially enabled parser can go online with relevant information written on resume and look for profiles. It’s that easy! But take care of the following:

1 Profiles should be relevant to Resume parsed.

2 Parser should be intuitive to fetch the right matches.

3 Information mustered can be inserted back to database/CRM.

4 Convert Social info to HR-XML.

5 Classified information in various tabs and sections.

Not to worry, we cover all the above aspects and show Social Profiles under distinct tab. This makes your Recruiting look completely Social and Employer friendly.

Use the information not to bombard your feeds but to show your presence and how good employers you are. Start listening to applicants and talk about your work culture on social. It helps you build a conducive ecosystem that put trusts in applicant while applying to your jobs.

We assure you, our Social Search completely fits your Recruiting Strategy and the software will cost you a dime in lieu of long-term effects it would bring. So Try Today!

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