Remove Unconscious Bias from Hiring with RChilli Resume Redactor API

April 15, 2022 by Navjot Kaur

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Mike has been working as a recruiter with a leading enterprise for the last five years. Two months ago, he got promoted to the position of Head-Talent Acquisition. One of the reasons for his promotion is that he keeps on finding ways to simplify the recruitment process. In the past years, he has explored the use of AI in HR technology and implemented the same in the recruitment process to find the right candidates.

He recently realized that his team of recruiters was choosing candidates based on their personal preferences. He faced the issue of tackling unconscious bias in the recruitment process and came across RChilli. Let’s talk about how Mike could quickly solve this challenge with RChilli Resume Redactor API.

What is Unconscious Bias in Recruitment?

Unconscious bias while hiring candidates happens when the recruiters unintentionally choose the candidates based on their preferences or likings. For example, recruiters finalize candidates according to their age, gender, marital status, religion, etc. Some other examples of unconscious bias are confirmation bias, similarity bias, halo effect, contrast effect, status quo bias, etc.

Bias always results in missing out on skilled/relevant candidates. The final consequence is that either the hired candidates leave the job or the organization asks them to leave because of low performance.

Thus, the HR team must lookout for a solution that can remove unconscious bias from recruitment. This is what Mike did by using RChilli Resume Redactor API.


What is RChilli Resume Redactor API?

RChilli Resume Redactor API helps in removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to select candidates based on skills and experience. It also helps the recruiting agencies in masking resumes before sending them to the employer.

How Does it Work?

RChilli Resume Redactor API omits the biased/unrequired resume data fields from the resume without changing the resume. It keeps the resume in its original format and masks the biased fields by using either ‘X’ or ‘NULL’. 

The API can mask the following data fields:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Address (Street, City, State, Country, Zip Code)
  • Current Salary
  • Language Known
  • Institution (Name, City, State, Country, Degree)
  • Current Employer (Name, City, State, Country, Job Profile, Job Period)
  • Previous Employer
  • Candidate Image
  • References and abbreviations of Name
  • Institution Name
  • Employer Name


The users can mention the data fields for which they do not need information, and Resume Redactor API will do the needful.

It worked great for Mike because he did not want to see candidate information for fields like Name, Age, and Gender. Resume Redactor API simplified his work by masking this information from the resumes, helping his team to choose candidates by evaluating their skills and experience.

Not only this, Resume Redactor API is also useful for the recruiting agencies who are providing resumes to employers. Masking the resumes before sharing them with the employers will stop the employers from directly contacting the candidates. Once the candidate is shortlisted, the employers will have to contact the candidates through the agency. 

Why RChilli Resume Redactor API?

The Resume Redactor API brings many benefits:

  • Remove Unconscious Bias- It helps in eliminating bias from recruitment that can be in the form of gender bias, racism, ageism, etc.

  • Fair Candidate Selection- As there will be no information shown for biased data fields, recruiters can hire candidates keeping in mind their skills and qualifications. This results in fair candidate selection. 

  • Bring Diversity to Your Team- Build a team with different backgrounds and experiences. It will add value to your organization.

Is unconscious bias a challenge for you? If yes, hop on a call with us and let us help you in understanding how Resume Redactor API can help you solve this challenge.

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