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April 29, 2022 by Aanchal Sharma

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Suppose you’re an HR leader facing a labor shortage that’s stubbornly not showing any signs of dwindling. In that case, you will be under enormous pressure to strategize the recruitment process so that the talented candidates don’t abandon you prematurely. This is particularly becoming a challenge since the job seekers seek roles that allow them to work on their own conditions.

Nevertheless, Simplifying, Streamlining, and Shortening- are the three S’s defining the recruitment process that many talent acquisition teams are adopting. While the new strategy has chipped away the job application or recruitment abandonment rate, a few studies still speak otherwise. 

2021 Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report suggests that irrespective of the stage at which the job seekers in North America exit the recruitment process, they primarily do so because of three reasons:

  • The recruiters didn’t value their time during the interviews or appointments

  • The recruitment process was lengthy

  • Salary offered didn’t match their skills and caliber

Having said that, we, too, after a thorough online dig, have accumulated a few reasons along with the ones mentioned above on why companies fail to deliver a positive candidate experience, ultimately making the candidates leave a job application process midway.

  • A Lengthy Application Process

A company’s application form is its first interaction with the potential candidates. Hence, you must keep it as short and straightforward as possible. If filling out the job application or details already mentioned in the resume takes too long, there are high chances that the candidate may lose interest mid-way and leave it.

Most companies believe having a lengthy application form would show they are thorough. For this, they add lengthy questions and, most of the time, ask them to fill in unnecessary details. This, too, increases the chances of the candidates leaving the form.    

Now, one might wonder how long is too long for an application form. Well, usually, if an application form takes a few seconds, it’s considered a good move. However, with AI-powered recruiting tools like RChillli’s resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange, applying for a job becomes a one-click process. 

The HR leaders need to understand that you can ask questions later during the interview or screening process. But, first thing’s first, make the application process easy, uncomplicated, and a one-click process.

  • Not Valuing Candidate’s Time

There’s no denying that the current recruitment market is highly competitive. Thus, you must prioritize and make the hiring approach as candidate-friendly as possible. Treat your candidate as your client. If you value them, they’ll stick with you till the end of the hiring process.

The most common error companies make in their recruitment process is not responding to the candidates on time or don’t bother responding at all.

All these mistakes leave an impression on the candidates that their time isn’t valued. A study shows that companies that keep their candidates apprised about their job status regardless of the length of their journey establish better positive candidate experience than their counterparts. 

Bottom line- candidates are generally very patient with the recruitment process, understanding there are other candidates lined up too, along with the busy schedules of the HR managers and recruiters apart from the fact that they want the job. However, it’s not safe to test their patience. Especially considering the competitive nature of the talent market where the power to make the decision is shifting towards the candidate’s court. 

  • An Extensive Hiring Process

A recruiter’s success is measured by the number of talented candidates the company hires, on the basis of skills that make them a better choice than their contemporaries. However, despite the number of prospective candidates lined up, the companies hang up their hiring in the hope to hire someone better.

Common instances include having a skilled and talented in line but delaying his/her hiring because of the lack of experience. This more often results in the candidate getting hired by your competitor who doesn’t waste time seeking that “perfect candidate.”

The reason is quite simple. Companies these days understand that even if a candidate lacks a significant amount of experience, he/she would be willing to go for the training to enhance his/her skills and industry knowledge to gain an extra edge and move up the success ladder.

Thus, waiting for an ideal candidate will only make you lose prospective candidates, and the reason can be as simple as you not being able to make up your mind.

  • Allowing Bias to Hurt Your Recruitment Strategy

Bias is a plague that constantly affects a recruitment strategy. Surprisingly, a recruiter can fall victim to numerous types of hiring bias.

Whether consciously or not, bias seeps into the recruitment process from the first step- who we shortlist for the interview, how we interview them, which candidate we hire, and lastly the reasons for hiring the ones we do. Focusing on how we screen the resumes, sort the candidates, and define the recruitment process, can help us make intelligent decisions.  

In one of our previous write-ups, we’ve discussed the hiring biases that affect our recruitment decisions and how RChilli’s resume parser, when integrated with Salesforce, can help one make an informed decision.

  • Your Recruiting Strategy is Orthodox

Gone are the days when candidates used to mark jobs in the Sunday paper. Instead, they now look at the prospective job opportunities on job boards like Monster, Indeed, or Careerbuilder, along with LinkedIn and other social media channels.  

If you're still using the same conventional recruitment tactics, you might fall short in your candidate search approach. Remember, just putting up your job opening post on your website and supposing that the talented candidates will hunt for it out of the blue won’t do any good.  

High-time companies need to change their one-fit-all-size approach to be in sync with the evolving hiring practices. If earlier you had a database of resumes by posting the job opening ads in the paper, the same tactic won’t work anymore, and you’ll lose potential candidates.

  • Your Company’s Online Presence is Negligible

Your website’s pages can be a persuasive reason to either get a potential engagement in the hiring process or leave it altogether. Whether your candidate finds your company’s job post via a job board or after an email, your company’s web pages should offer them as much information as possible so that they feel informed and confidently take on the next step.

Ensure that your website pages speak of your company’s core values, culture, and the perks and benefits one will get once hired. It’ll be a good idea to share a few pictures of your workspace and employees on your company’s social media channels. This could help the candidates envision themselves working for you.  

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Can Turning Tech Change The Scenario For You?

The picture isn't all dark. The positive news is that employers are now shifting base to AI-powered tools to streamline and fast-pace their recruiting practices. One of the best ways is to invest in AI-based intelligent technology like resume parser.  

RChilli resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange changes the recruitment landscape by empowering the recruiters, fetching accurate candidate data, speeding their recruitment processes, and storing the parsed data in the Salesforce platform.

To begin with, the multi-lingual parser auto-populates over 140+ fields from resumes and helps the recruiters fetch accurate applicant data. The candidate selection process gets a new approach with this parser when the Salesforce users get an option to reuse the Salesforce contacts. If your hired candidate doesn’t show up after getting appointed or leaves after a few days or months, you won’t have to restart the hiring process from scratch. Simply dig out the next best candidate from the list.

Other than these, there are many other ways RChilli’s parser in Salesforce AppExchange can be a perfect fit for your recruitment needs, including:

  • Auto-fill Data Fields in Salesforce

The resume parser frees you from the tedious scrutinizing of CVs and instead lets you focus on recruitment. The intuitive software automatically populates the data fields like age, qualification, skills, experience, job profile, and certifications, saving you from filling in candidate information repeatedly. This saves your time and leaves no chance for any manual data entry error.

  • Parse Multiple Resumes In A Go

RChilli Resume Parser or the applicant information extracting software, gives you access to well-structured data from different resume sets. You can parse multiple resumes in a go and receive information automatically stored in Salesforce. This well-defined process helps you to close the job opening quickly.

  • Parse Resumes From Single or Multiple Email Inboxes

Many recruiters will relate to a common instance of losing talented candidates who’ve shared their CVs on different official email Ids. However, the resume parser, with its one-time configuration setup, saves you from the hassle. How? Well, it’s engineered to fetch and parse resumes from multiple email inboxes. You get an opportunity to automatically move data from incoming emails to the CRM with the parser’s Salesforce integration.

  • Unbiased Hiring

RChilli resume parser, with its data field configuration functionality, ensures the hiring of skilled professionals. This intelligent solution gives you a choice to enable/disable the fields based on your selection criteria. It identifies and removes data that can introduce bias in the recruiting decision. Once the fields are disabled, the resume parser for unbiased recruitment will not fetch data for the same.

  • Parse Resumes in Multiple Languages

Imagine getting a chance to broaden your business horizons by getting an opportunity to work with clients from foreign languages. Either you leave the opportunity or hire a national but with a translator to read the resume. Why go through so much hassle when RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce gives you the chance to hire global candidates without spending an additional dollar? It parses resumes in nearly 30+ languages, including English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, and more.

  • Positive Candidate Experience

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, nearly 50% of candidates respond positively once they receive timely intimation from the HRs of a company about their interview status. Understanding how important CandE is for any company’s hiring process and trimming down the gap between a recruiter and a talented candidate, RChilli resume parser in Salesforce enables the candidates to apply to the job on the website’s career page with a single click. Using resume parser to improve candidate experience means that he/she saves time and won’t have to fill in the details already mentioned in their CVs repeatedly. Plus, because there’s no manual resume screening involved, you can get back to the candidates within a day.    

Read our blog on the Importance of Positive Candidate Experience For Your Business for a better idea on AI resume parsing Salesforce.

Final Words

Recruitment indeed is a complex process, and the efforts and time it demands of recruiters vary depending on the industry. To add to it, each candidate who enters the talent pipeline doesn’t necessarily turn out to be an ideal fit. Nonetheless, making data-driven decisions appears to be the best solution for unearthing future-fit candidates.  

RChilli resume parser Salesforce AppExchange streamlines your recruitment process, helping you respect your candidate’s time so that you hang-on to the high-value candidates while leaving a positive impression on their minds right from applying to the job till onboarding.

If you’re curious to know what more RChilli resume parser is capable of, schedule a call or write to us.

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