Talent Acquisition - Strategies and Practices for 2021

January 18, 2021 by Jigna B

As we all know, the year 2020 has been one of the challenging years for us. This challenging year emphasizes the businesses to establish new trends in every area of organization, including recruitment and talent acquisition. 

As we enter the year 2021, every talent acquisition leader perceives 2021 as a rebounded year. Thus, to hire an ideal talent from the talent pool, companies have to set some exclusive and extraordinary talent acquisition strategies. And they should follow the best practice to eliminate the shadow of 2020.

The two factors that every talent acquisition and human resource leader should consider while forming a strategy: first, the candidate experience and second, candidate engagement. These two components will bring game-changer benefits in the hiring process.

best practices for talent acquisition

Talent Acquisition-Strategies and Best Practices

This blog talks about the best practices of talent acquisition that every recruiter, talent acquisition and hiring manager should follow in 2021 because these practices are supreme to wrap up the disadvantages we had in 2020. 

And here we go!!!

Talent acquisition strategies

1. Optimize the Career Site   

Career page is the foundational page where potential candidates reach first and get and decide the impression of the employer brand. For maximizing the hiring in the year 2021, it is essential to optimize the career site. And, it should be both attractive and easy to operate, so the candidate does not feel hassle while applying for the job.

How should a career site be?

  • Appealing 
  • Search engine optimized
  • Social integrated
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Should slick and allow the candidate to set the profile quickly
  • Easy job search
  • Less loading time
  • Easily understandable
  • Everything related to the job should be at one place
  • Offer an inside blog with video

Above are the things that create an appealing career site. So, don’t forget to optimize the site; even a small change can form a big difference.


2. Implement the Applicant Tracking Software

Apart from the career site, you should choose the applicant tracking system in order to streamline the recruiting process. An applicant tracking system is just more than candidate tracking software. ATS is formed with features to handle overall hiring, such as creating a talent pool, candidate database, job posting, interview scheduling, self-service portals, and so on. Thus, it is an end-to-end recruitment management software that helps recruitment agencies and recruiters to achieve smart recruitment goals and objectives.


3. Best Sourcing Method

Sourcing is a step that takes place before the hiring process starts. And for sourcing the candidates, recruiters use different ways. Optimizing the sourcing ways helps you to know from where you are getting the best candidate.

Recruiters should continuously track and maintain a record of successful sourcing methods. Consequently, you come across the best sourcing method. 

For example, you are getting current employees from your career site, referral program, and a particular job board. Track these metrics for future talent acquisition. One more thing that you can include is the sourcing of passive candidates.


4. Remote Hiring Capability

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 had compelled the employees and businesses to adopt the strategy of remote work. And now it has become a new norm. Furthermore, the hiring process also turns into a digital hiring approach.

Nowadays, employees and businesses prefer remote work. Include the video interview software or choose the recruiting software that has the capability of remote hiring. Or couple the applicant tracking system with video conference software. Presently, bundles of video conference tools are obtainable such as Zoom, Google hangouts, Microsoft team, and many more.

Remote hiring capability is the best talent acquisition practice for 2021. And, might prove as a long strategy in the future according to the current situation.


5. Request Candidate Feedback

Even after giving your all in talent acquisition planning, there is always something that needs to improve. The best practice is to know where the loopholes in the hiring process are by asking for feedback from the candidates. Gather their experience with the company in a written form. The feedback form should include each aspect of recruiting. 

The aggregate gives you direction where there is a lack in the whole process. And, the issue that requires more attention from your end.


Final Thought about Talent Acquisition Strategies and Practice in 2021

The talent acquisition strategies should be in upgraded form because it is the extraordinary year 2021. Everything after the year 2020 has been changed. Thus, it’s time to go with a flow.

Above are the top 5 best practices for talent acquisition. Implement those strategies and streamline the talent acquisition process.  

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