How to Provide a Great Candidate Experience While Working Remotely?

September 29, 2020 by Snehil Sharma

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The recruitment process is changing its shape, especially after the pandemic hit the world. As organizations worldwide ask their employees to work from home, recruiters and talent acquisition teams are quickly adapting to an all-virtual world. But I believe one challenging part of an online recruiting process is providing top-notch candidate experience. 

Don't you feel the same? 

In my blog, I am sharing a few steps that will help HR professionals to provide a great candidate experience online during this time of crisis.

1. Communicate with candidates how your recruiting process will look like:

Everything is changing very fast during this crisis. To keep pace with it in your hiring process, it is essential to update your candidates at every step of the recruitment process.

Over 55% of the applicants said that 'they were rarely or never kept informed about their status in the process with most employers and an additional 32.3% said it was only sometimes.'

It is understood that the recruiting process is changing; applicants are also likely to have many questions right now. HR professionals must help them find immediate answers by adding some frequently asked questions to their websites. Updating these FAQs with your coronavirus policies will be helpful in improving your candidate experience, which will help to put your candidates' minds at ease. Even HR professionals can take the help of technology here. Use a resume parser in your application forms so that applicants only have to upload their resume while the fields will be automatically populated. 

2. Provide resources to candidates to help them prepare for their video interview:

For some candidates, video interviewing may be unfamiliar. 75% of job seekers prefer in-person interviews over video interviews. Therefore, it is essential to share some resources to help them put their best side forward. 56% of applicants face technical issues during the applying process. To resolve this, HR professionals can send emails with a few pointers, such as:

a). What equipment they'll need (e.g., a laptop with webcam enabled or a tablet, a smartphone on a stand if they don't have a computer or laptop at home)

b). Please provide a link where they must join.

c). What to wear (formals, depending on the company type)

d). Where to take an interview (a quiet room, neutral background, etc.) 

e). What kind of questions can be asked

Offering such tips to candidates will help them prepare for an online interview and show candidates that you are invested in their success. 

3. Get creative in showing your organization culture:

Gather all the material you have about your organization culture. Include videos, podcasts, employees' testimonials, etc. Trust this will make it easier for HR professionals to show their organization's culture to the candidates. 

COVID-19 has caused a lot of significant changes in the respective workplaces. This situation is new to everyone; some trials and errors will be involved in this. Try to be calm and patient, show your candidates that you understand them. 

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