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The IOT : Innovation Hub


IOT For Staffing & Recruitment IOT For Hiring and Recruiting


Many people use INTERNET. More than 100 nations have connected to exchanges of data, information and opinions through it. The INTERNET is just one of the ways of information getting disseminated. It is referred for multiple "things" Which we named it to IOT (Internet Of Things) today.

Everyone is familiar about the IOT now. As it's clear to its name; Internet Of Things (IOT) is the network of physical objects or "things" to be sensed and controlled remotely. It can be a person with heart monitor implant or an animal with biochip transponder or may be an automobile that has inbuilt sensors or a man-made object that can transfer data over a network.

As of 2015, the vision of the IOT has evolved to a convergence of multiple technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the BUZZWORD in the development of the Internet. It has the potential to connect 10X “things” to the internet by 2020.

The Innovation in new era is tremendous, with incredible potential to improve our lives. IoT can be defined in different ways, and it encompasses many aspects of life.

Today, If we discuss the RECRUITMENT PROCESS around us. Almost every Recruiters now includes recruitment software of some kind along with user interfaces, that can add more features or functionality. The pervasiveness of automation is the key to hiring the best talent.

But the new hub of IOT application holds Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into the recruitment world to make recruiting easier and consistent because it is now a Smart Recruiting. ATS can hire faster without any manual interventions using its AUTOMATION tools. That's the ultimate goal of IoT applications. And, for those recruiters to connect with and leverage the Internet to achieve this goal, they must first become “smart."

Let’s look at some more advanced categories of IoT-related applications.

  1. Communication Networks: All of the communication has to happen over some IOT. It’s the future in which all kinds of devices and sensors communicate with one another. For Example Transferring emails through SMTP, Web calling access through WEBEX, Usenet newsgroups, instant messaging and FTP. So the Communication is just a part of the IOT.
  2. Analytics Tools: The analytics tools in the IOT that aim for autonomous and good behaviour. It'll massively increase the amount of data available for analysis by all way of organisations.
  3. Employee Engagement: The potential value of IoT to an industry is huge. Have you thought about how the IOT and employee engagement go hand-in-hand? You can begin to unlock the enormous potential of the IoT by remembering three simple things: identity, visibility and intelligence.
  4. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is one of the enabling platforms to support IOT. It connects billions of devices to create new and innovative applications. Cloud Computing is a simple idea, but one that hides a lot of underlying complexities.

These Innovations result in the generation of enormous amounts of data that can be saved, processed and displayed in a seamless, efficient, and readily understandable form. The technology is evolving together to accommodate the IOT sooner and will touch every aspect of our lives in less than a decade. Are you ready for it?