Top 5 Recruitment Trends for 2020

March 20, 2020 by Navjot Kaur

Recruitment Trends 2020

Hiring managers and recruiters have already seen the first quarter of 2020. They are continuously looking for strategies to find the perfect candidate and remain competitive in the market. 

AI and HR technology are bringing a complete transformation in the recruitment process. With multiple choices available in the market, how do you find the right direction?

Following the latest recruitment trends is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. Let's discuss the top five recruitment trends of 2020.

  • People Analytics

Organizations are seeing people analytics at a high priority. They are taking the help of data to streamline all processes related to employees, hiring, etc. With data, you can identify a perfect recruitment cycle, analyze market rates, and assess the ideal talent pipeline. It’s time you should go for data-based decision making. 

73% say people analytics will be a major priority for their company over the next 5 years.

  • Internal Recruiting

Internal recruiting is an excellent way of discovering your talent pool. Organizations can close jobs quickly through their employees. Wondering how? Role changes in the organization are a great strategy to explore the talent of employees. This can be done via promotion, transfer to another department, etc. Instead of spending time on training outsiders, hone the skills of your employees. The benefit of internal recruiting is that with these positive changes, employees feel motivated, stay longer, and deliver faster.

  • Diversity

Adding diversity into your workforce is another popular recruitment trend. While recruiting, recruiters can make efforts to reduce unconscious bias. AI can play a popular role in giving a boost to diversity. For example, a resume parser helps you in extracting resume data and saving the same in data fields such as experience, education, skills, qualification, etc. With configurable data fields, you get the option to enable/disable fields as required. Disable the fields which can result in unconscious bias such as candidate image, gender, marital status, religious faith, etc. This results in hiring candidates based on their skills and qualifications. 

  • Gen Z

After millennials, generation Z is the next arrival in your workforce. As a hiring manager or recruiter, you must make the right strategies to attract them. Offer exclusive perks such as flexible hours, trainings, new career paths, a fantastic work culture, etc. Gen Z stays active on social media. Therefore, be present on social platforms. This is the best way to engage potential talent. 

  • Employer Brand

A crucial factor for attracting candidates is employer brand. It is the reason why candidates should join your company. Candidate experience and employer branding are directly related to each other. Providing a positive experience to candidates can do wonders for creating an effective employer brand. Some key factors that can make a compelling employer brand are short application forms, a perfect work-life balance, an amazing company culture, and exclusive perks. 

It is essential to follow the latest trends to meet the growing expectations of the recruitment industry in 2020. Adopt this list of trends and see the results yourself! 

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