RChilli’s Vision Re-defined: CV Automation Plus Analytics

November 16, 2016 by Admin

RChilli is not just a parser; in-fact was never one. We bring you the next level of recruitment or CV automation whatever suits you as we can handle everything and anything about resumes. Don’t be swayed by Big Data because we can manage that as well for you. On demand Recruitment insights based on your industry and usage because nobody can understand your business the way you do.

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Let’s come forward and simplify Recruitment and CV automation with RChilli.

Parse– The most reliable Resume Parser having exclusive capabilities to extract 100+ fields from resume, auto-populate them in specified forms and send their direct output as HR-XML in your database. Multi-lingual, Hybrid Cloud, All-doc converter, many more….. An intuitive solution for every ATS, Job board or any other Recruitment Management System.

Match– Semantic Search floats the closest resume profiles matching your set criteria completely and Match Technology lets you find the right candidate for most preferred jobs. So you end up placing more candidates in less time. Intuitive Search & Match goes beyond keywords and makes recruiting a lot of fun.

Enrich– Having huge stack of old resumes but of no use or value? Considering us can add new value to your business. We update your passive resumes by mustering most current information about them, replacing them back in their profiles and now showing them as a fresh candidate for all current positions.

While parsing candidate’s resume, we can source available Social Media profiles of candidate and show them distinctly under Social Tab. Connect to the right ones in-time; reinstate your employer brand via fresh Social Marketing efforts and lowers per hire cost drastically. Social Recruiting was never so easy.

One Click– The bliss of having fully-automated software that suits business of all sizes is here to stay. We bring you the benefits of Parse, Match and Enrich in just one click. And that’s what we call CV Automation. To have a complete review of our CV suite and resume parsing services, reach us at team@rchilli.com. We would love to hear from you.

Contact us today to explore the world of CV Automation with RChilli. Thanks for reading.


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