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Our Trusted Partner


Watch an Exclusive Interview with Sudh, CEO-impress.ai, sharing his experience on working with RChilli

Check out this video to see what impress.ai has to say about us.

We share a lovely association with impress.ai. We are glad that Sudh, CEO-impress.ai, saved his valuable time for us and talked about the beautiful usecases of how they are using our resume parser.

We count it as our achievement that our customer could achieve a higher ROI by using our product.

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Case Study - How impress.ai Achieved a Higher ROI with RChilli’s Resume Parser?

impress.ai needed structured data from resumes for their chatbot to ask relevant questions to the candidates. Read this case study to know how RChilli helped impress.ai achieve the results they expected.

  • Fantastic Cx
  • Higher ROI
  • Ability to Create a Quick Go-to-Market Strategy
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Customer Speaks (impress.ai) - 3 Amazing Benefits of Working with RChilli

Would you like to know the benefits that impress.ai avails while sharing a beautiful relationship with us?

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Read this article to know why impress.ai trusts us and considers us as their trusted partner.

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Seamless integration

About impress.ai

impress.ai is a Talent Experience platform serving many prestigious banks, tech companies, educational institutions, and many more. Its most popular product is a Recruitment Automation platform where companies can automate their selection, evaluation, and assessment process for candidates with its chat-based solution.

These chatbots autonomously interview, engage, and shortlist candidates at scale, 24/7, and actively fight human bias by hiding biased information from human reviewers.


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“Because RChilli works with major enterprises, we do not have any qualms about using their product. We feel safe and secure as RChilli follows the best industry standards.”



CEO, impress.ai


i“RChilli is very easy to use and implement. Also, their customer service is responsive whenever we have issues. Their support team is our go-to and there isn’t a problem they cannot solve.”

Dr. Vaisagh Vishwanathan

Co-founder and CTO, impress.ai


“RChilli is the most reliable, fastest, and easiest to integrate parsing solution.”



CEO, impress.ai