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Watch an Exclusive Interview with Michael Yinger, CEO-Resume Sieve, sharing his experience on working with RChilli

Check out this video that explains why Resume Sieve considers us as their trusted partner.

We share a lovely association with Resume Sieve. It felt great when Michael took out time from his busy schedule and gave us positive feedback for our services.

It is an achievement for us to have happy customers.

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Case Study- How Resume Sieve Saved 70% of Recruiters’ Time by Using RChilli?

Resume Sieve was looking for a resume parsing partner to upgrade their technology and get better results.

With RChilli resume parser, Resume Sieve can extract the complete information from the resumes in 140+ data fields and is able to effectively score the resumes.

Download this case study to know how Resume Sieve now delivers better value to its customers.

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Customer Speaks-What Does Resume Sieve Love About RChilli?

RChilli is committed to delivering an amazing experience to its customers. We make sure that we live their business journey with them and offer exceptional services to help them realize their true potential. Their feedback motivates us to create more future-ready products. Read this article to know three specific reasons that make Resume Sieve trust us.

Resume Seive

About Resume Sieve

The Sieve™ is an intuitive candidate evaluation platform that fast-tracks resume assessment. It minimizes the time to find the top candidates by ranking candidates based on the requirements you provide. The Sieve™significantly improves quality and speed of candidate evaluations by using algorithmic intelligence models to assess candidate resumes. 

It designs tools to disrupt traditional recruiting models while providing a space for recruiters and quality of candidate evaluations by using algorithmic intelligence models to assess candidate resumes.


"RChilli team has been incredibly responsive. If we have any questions, the team responds fast and effectively that helps us to be successful."

Michael Yinger,

CEO- Resume Sieve