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HR Tech Conference 2022 – Connect, Engage and Learn

HR Tech Conference allows you to: 

  • Participate in an engaging dialogue with business leaders who have revolutionized their HR teams and how they work via HR tools.

  • Discover for yourself how investing in leadership influences company success.
  • Obtain insight into the newest technologies and innovative tools not only to thrive in the present but also to plan for a successful future.


RChilli is Exhibiting at HR Tech Conference & Exposition at Booth No. 2407

RChilli announces return to Las Vegas for HRTech Conference

RChilli is all set for exhibiting at HR Tech Conference - the world’s most influential HR technology event. Following a successful interactive online event earlier this year, HR Tech will convene the HR Tech event in-person from Sep 13-16, 2022.

RChilli is exhibiting in the HR Tech conference this year with its intelligent solutions like Resume/JD Parser, Search & Match Engine, Taxonomy, Data Enrichment, Data Migration, ML Plugins, and Resume Redactor.

RChilli Resume Parser is also available on Salesforce AppExchange and Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Join RChilli at the HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas at Booth No. 2407 from Sep 13-16, 2022.         

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Empowering Businesses By

Parsing Resumes in 30+ Languages Across 44+ Countries





A deep learning/AI framework that identifies complete information from resumes/jobs. It extracts candidate data from resumes in 140+ data fields through REST API. 



Search & Match

Search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy by filtering resume data according to similar search keywords. through REST API. 




Enhance your resume/job searching capability with comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles, along with their related information. 


Resume Redactor

The API helps in removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to select candidates based on skills and experience.

Case Studies

With the help of RChilli resume parser, Phenom can now enhance the candidate experience and help recruiters quickly capture high-quality resume data.
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With RChilli resume parser, recruiters at Kovasys can see candidate information in a structured format, making it easy for them to shortlist candidates.
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With RChilli resume parser, Recruit Genie can show structured resume data to their clients in HTML format rather than making them download the entire resume.
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With RChilli resume parser, Resume Sieve can extract the complete information from the resumes in 140+ data fields and is able to effectively score the resumes.
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With the help of RChilli’s resume parser, impress.ai is achieving an 80% interview completion rate overnight, delivering better value to the customers, and offering an amazing candidate experience.
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resume parser for PeopleStrong
RChilli resume parser helps PeopleStrong by effectively parsing resumes in real-time and enhances their user experience by providing structured data.
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Resume parsing API for Bowmo
With the help of RChilli’s resume parser, Bowmo can now easily onboard its clients, deliver better value to clients.
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CV parser Sharedpro
With the help of the RChilli resume parser, Sharedpro can now enhance employers’ productivity, deliver better value to its customers
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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

It is a proud moment for us when our customers speak highly of us and appreciate our services. It is the biggest motivation for us to make more new advancements in our products and serve our users.

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“The fact that we can work with RChilli as a partner and a company to continuously improve accuracy over time is incredible.

-Jim Klien

Sr. Director-Technical Solutions, Phenom
Jim Klien
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“We are very happy with the response
rate of RChilli. Every time we send an
email, they respond to us with the right
answer in no time.”

-Alex Kovalenko

Director-IT Recruitment, Kovasys
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“The experience that RChilli has in
resume/CV parsing is second to none.
I definitely recommend it to
other users.

-Mak Karim

Director-Recruit Genie

Join RChilli at The HR Tech Conference,


Meet us at Booth No. 2407