Blog Banner – powerful ATS based on SugarCRM integrates RChilli parsing engine into their system

In the electronic world of ours, outpacing competitors by using modern tools means receiving more revenue and winning time to implement even more innovations, thus moving toward success. Every business looks for ways of minimizing costs and reducing expenses while optimizing its business processes, and recruitment business is not an exception. has some great news to share with SugarCRM community.

From now on, applicant tracking system #1 based on SugarCRM features parsing service powered by RChilli, a US CV automation company.It powers manual parsing with resume preview for thorough candidates resume processing, filling in entire candidate information, skills and employment history into corresponding fields of the candidate profile.Apart from parsing single resumes, RChilli’s Parsing Engine powers automatic parsing of bulk resumes to avoid uploading all your resumes one by one.

CV upload is also available by the means of email message or the system is capable of grabbing resumes right from the job boards.This gives tremendous capabilities for workflow automation for recruiting agencies and HR departments, enhances overall recruiters’ performance and boosts profits.

About CRM-Recruitment
CRM-Recruitment is a customized and tuned Applicant Tracking System based on SugarCRM which functionality includes both original Sugar modules and custom modules developed by professional development team together with highly experienced recruiting specialists.

CRM-Recruitment is aimed at providing a highly adjustable, low-cost software-as-a-service applicant tracking system, thus bringing the best solution to recruiters and managers, and easing their everyday life.

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Tel. 888-848-7199
Skype: crm.recruitment

About RChilli
Rchilli gives you the next level of resume management; complete automation in managing resumes (fetch, parse, store), connecting to candidates social profiles & empowering you with search and match technologies to skim the entire resume database in just one click to get the best man on job. Plus on demand analytics to make your recruiting look more advanced, easier and proficient keeping the fun part intact. An efficient solution for staffing and recruitment software’s to escalate hiring, lower costs and provide quality as competence.

Contact details
RChilli Inc.
Tel. +1-877-5-PARSER
Address: 2603 Camino Ramon, Ste 272
San Ramon,CA, 94583, USA