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Rchilli, the software specialist for Resume/CV Automation, announces the release of Version 7.0.0, with the target of helping its clients in ‘Making Decisions Better’  by providing enhanced evaluation possibilities.The constant endeavors of our development team make us feel proud as, through their efforts, Rchilli continues to set new standards in functionality.

Vinay Johar, CEO of Rchilli, congratulates his team saying ‘When I started the process I knew Resume Parser would be an indispensable tool for any Recruiter. I am glad that clients, be it ATS, CRM, Staffing Agencies, Job Boards or Enterprises, rely on us when it comes to screening Resumes. Nothing makes me happier than having satisfied clients who build a long-term relationship with us.’

When developing the new version, the focus was on improving user friendliness and increasing evaluation fields. To make it easier for the users, the XML data interchange platform, earlier used, has now been replaced by JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Being a light weight interchange JSON is faster and has a serialized format. We at Rchilli aim to parse maximum information on the Resume. Adding more fields is what we constantly work at and achieve. In Version 7.0.0, 16 new fields have been added.


The team improves the accuracy and performance of the parser by scanning special character fixes and error codes on a daily basis.We aim at connecting technology, automation and human contributions by:

  • Forecasting skills
  • Adapting productivity technology
  • Coding to adjust algorithms
  • Including a detailed library of Skillsets and Taxonomies for better identification of Candidate Skills and Expertise.

Our Parser contains dozens of Categories and Subcategories, over 9000 Skills and Taxonomies and over 1500 Soft Skills Keywords. We also give you the ability to define your own Taxonomies and add to the existing list, giving you the power to fine tune and customize the Parser according to your business needs.

About Us

Rchilli is a technological leader in HR industry; providing solutions in more than 15 countries. Leading the market trends and innovations, we strive to provide our clients with the best-automated solutions for Recruitment. Our clients hire us for our technical expertise, knowledge, and experience. Understanding the unique needs of the clients we serve; we believe in consistent advancement. Here we are, constantly developing and bringing forward our new version.

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