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RChilli Sets a Benchmark in Parsing Industry by Introducing RChilli MyAccount

RChilli has news to share that will bring a remarkable change in the way resume parsing industry works.

Now customers have a new way of signing up with RChilli.

How can a portal simplify the customer's buying process by offering all services through automation?

Continuing on its promise to make parsing easier for its customers, RChilli launches a portal, RChilli MyAccount, which will simplify the signup and onboarding process. The company is taking this intelligent step to enhance the user experience while buying its products i.e. resume parser, semantic match, and data enrichment.

What's New in this Portal?

Once a user signs up with the portal, they will find all the information they need in one place to buy a parser. It can be in the form of Plans, APIs, Technical Documents, FAQs, Help section, Videos, and much more.

What's more?
Get automated customer service through an intelligent chatbot, a dedicated knowledge base, and auto-replies to emails.

The traditional process of buying a parser includes

  • Contacting a resume parsing company
  • A call with their sales team
  • A call with their development team
  • Discussion with the Management
  • License discussion
  • Discussion with the legal team
  • Signing up the agreement
  • Making a payment


What if all these steps are replaced by just a few clicks?

RChilli MyAccount simplifies this process with three easy steps:


  • Choose a plan
  • Sign the agreement
  • Make a payment

And that is it. The customer is live.

This portal is a gamechanger in simplifying the entire B2B sales approach. Now, buying a resume analytics solution is super easy with RChilli.

Another feature of RChilli MyAccount is the configuration feature. It promotes bias-free recruitment by letting the customer disable the data fields that can cause bias e.g. candidate image, gender, marital status, religion, etc.

What Are the Exclusive Benefits?

Easy Access to Info- No need to exchange emails to find out the information. Get all the details needed in one place.

Easy Sign Up- A simple, quick and short process for signing up with RChilli. Subscribe to a plan, and the customer is good to go.

Choose a Plan- Get a wide range of options to choose from. Make decisions depending upon requirements. Customers can also switch to a new plan when required.

Wondering how to parse resumes using RChilli MyAccount? Read this step-by-step guide.

To experience the magic of this new automated portal, just log into RChilli MyAccount and get started.