RChilli introduces an advanced version of its skills/job title taxonomy, Taxonomy 3.0, that will enhance the resume/job searching capability of the users. With a promise to keep itself future-ready with all upcoming demands of feature/product, this new product launch will help the users build an effective pipeline of skills/jobs which they need tomorrow.

RChilli's taxonomy offers a comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles, along with their related information. It delivers amazing use cases to the users that will bring incredible transformation in the way the search engine works.

  • See an exceptional improvement in Solr/elastic search engines.

  • Enhance the user experience by showing the recommended skills/job titles to the candidate/recruiter while searching.

  • Get the power to build a job description with the help of related information of job profiles.

  • Create better search engines or build an amazing one.

  • Organize resumes with Ontology- A step-by-step classification of resumes and jobs.

Talking about this latest version of Taxonomy, Lovepreet Dhaliwal, President-Sales, RChilli, said, "Skills are a vital part of candidates' profiles and having the ability to map skills with job profiles is important when it comes to filling a job. RChilli's taxonomy is a library of skills and job profiles spread across dozens of domains and industries with tens of thousands of individual concepts.

Our taxonomy is used both during resume and job extraction and during the searching and matching of resumes and jobs by our Search and Match API, acting as a critical component that differentiates our parsing and matching engine from traditional keyword-based engines."

Discover How Taxonomy 3.0 Will Help the Users

  • Skills/Jobs Alias- With the help of skills/jobs alias, get recommended skills and job titles.

  • Similar Skills/Jobs- It provides similar skills/jobs that help users in creating extra tags in the search engines.

  • Ontology- The unique ontology will set a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with its step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles.

  • Govt. Database- Get govt.-data ready taxonomies as the product can now easily map with local govt databases.

  • Related Skills/Jobs- With related skills/jobs, get keyword recommendations and improve your search results.

Apart from numerous categories and sub-categories, RChilli's taxonomy offers 3M+ Skills and 2.4M+ Job Profiles.

What's more exciting about Taxonomy 3.0 is that the users can define their own taxonomies and add the same to the list. It also provides information on Skills and Job Profiles from open sources such as ONet and ESCO.

The customers of RChilli have started using this version and are witnessing a remarkable enhancement in their search results.

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To know more about taxonomy 3.0, go to rchilli.com.


Source: https://bit.ly/2S2sBXt