A Strong Recruiter-Candidate Relationship is Everything!

February 27, 2020 by Vinay Johar

1550080843The two most important pillars of recruitment are recruiters and candidates. It is important that both of them share a healthy relationship for a successful recruitment process. 

But the question is, what is the foundation of creating this strong relationship?

Many HR professionals agree that providing a positive candidate experience is the key to building trust among the candidates. Millennials and Gen Z expect every process to be completed with a click. When it comes to recruitment, they look for a fast and quick process.

Let me pinpoint a few strategies that can enhance the relationship between recruiters and candidates.

  • Take the help of HR technology. Recruitment analytics solutions can become your best friends while accomplishing this goal. For example, if your ATS has a resume parser, it helps in offering a positive candidate experience by facilitating quick resume submissions. This means that the candidates only need to upload their resume. The data fields will be automatically filled in by the parser. What more does a candidate need than applying for a job with a simple click?

  • Communication is another factor that needs proper attention. It is important to communicate with the candidates via phone or email to inform them about the progress of their job applications. Even if they are not selected, getting a reply from the company will put a good impression on them.

  • How can I forget to write about chatbots? Chatbots are a blessing for recruiters. Answering queries of numerous candidates is not an easy task for the recruiters. Chatbots instantly respond to the queries and even screen candidates by asking them relevant information. 

  • Have a clear job description as it is the first thing candidates see before applying for your job. It should contain the complete details about the roles and responsibilities, job profile, working hours, salary, etc. but still, it should be precise and clear.

  • What else? Going mobile is another effective way of getting close to the candidates. As the current generation chooses smartphone as an important part of its lifestyle, make your website mobile-friendly, and post your jobs. 


I am sure you would like to build a quality talent pipeline. 

Want to know more about how recruitment analytics solutions can help you offer a positive candidate experience? Give us a shout.

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