Are You Meeting Gen Z's Expectations?

October 09, 2019 by Vinay Johar


Over the years, you must have witnessed a lot of transformation in the recruitment process as we did our best to attract millennials. Time is here when Gen Z is joining the workforce. To ensure that you are using the right recruitment strategy to hire Gen Z, you must understand what their expectations are and what can you do to meet them through technology.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z means individuals who are born between 1995 and 2010. They are in touch with technology since the time they opened their eyes. Thus, they expect everything to happen fast with a few clicks. As they continuously use smartphones and the internet, they expect quick transformation. 


Attention: If you are still using outdated tools and technology, you will miss out on targeting Gen Z. This is because they look for technology, which makes applying for jobs easier without any obstacles. 

Gen Z

Discover Four Ways to Attract Gen Z

  • A Smooth Job Application Process- Gen Z wants to finish tasks quickly. This includes submitting a job application. If you make Gen Z applicants fill the resume details again and again, you will lose them. By using a resume parser, you are allowing the applicants to submit their resume with simple resume upload. The parser fills the rest of the fields automatically by fetching the data from the resume. 


  • Video Conferencing- Gen Z already uses platforms like Skype and Snapchat. They feel comfortable while having face-to-face communication. By using strong video conferencing platforms, you help these candidates to have quick interactions with the company. If they are sitting far away from your office, interviewing them over a video conference is the perfect option.

How to Attract Gen Z

  • Seamless Accessibility- Gen Z is accustomed to accessing documents from any device at any time. They would like to work with a company that has all the right tools and software to provide ease to access work from anywhere with complete flexibility.


  • Voice Control- Generation Z-ers grew up using Alexa and Siri. Therefore, they expect this technology even at their workplaces. Companies that have this equipment in their offices will surely become favorite companies for Gen Z to work with.


Are you ready to start building a talent pool of Gen Z? Contact us, and we will help you with creating the same with our reliable solutions.

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