Customer Speaks- What Berkshire Associates Likes About RChilli?

June 26, 2020 by Navjot Kaur


At RChilli, we give the foremost priority to our customers. They come first, no matter what. Our commitment to delivering the best services to our customers always stays strong. This is the reason why we share an amazing relationship with our clients. 

Our motto: We live our customers’ journey as a partner, not a vendor. 

We feel delighted that we are fulfilling the expectations of the organizations who are associated with us. A recent interview with Manoj Tiwari, VP- Business & Product Dev., Berkshire Associates Inc. proves that we strive to make our customers happy.

Watch an exclusive interview with Manoj Tiwari, Berkshire Associates, sharing his experience on working with RChilli.

Let me pinpoint three specific reasons that make Berkshire Associates trust us.

A Fast and Accurate Resume Parser

Berkshire was looking for a resume parser that is both accurate and fast. They found that RChilli was meeting both these criteria. Our resume parser is super-fast and parses resumes at an average speed of 300ms. When a candidate uploads a resume, the parser extracts the resume data and saves it in data fields such as education, experience, skills, etc. This extraction process is so quick that it speeds up the entire recruitment process.


Berkshire likes the fact that it can rely on RChilli. Be it the solution itself or the team; Berkshire has never faced any lag. This is the reason why we have built trust among our clients, and that’s why we call ourselves the most trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment for global recruiting platforms. 

Customer Support

Manoj Tiwari from Berkshire says, “RChilli team does not rest until the problem is solved.” This is absolutely true. RChilli support team ensures that all the issues and concerns of our customers are addressed urgently. We send regular notifications on any new versions available or technological advancements made so that our customers can avail the best of our services.

Thanks, Berkshire Associates, for being an awesome customer.

Would you like to achieve the same growth as Berkshire did after using RChilli? Give us a shout, and we will be happy to assist.

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