Customer Speaks-What Does ConnectDott Love About RChilli?

August 05, 2020 by Navjot Kaur


At RChilli, we promise to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers by keeping ourselves future-ready. We work with them as partners and not as vendors.

It is a proud moment for us when our customers speak highly of us and appreciate our services.

Trust me; it is the biggest motivation for us to make more new advancements in our products and serve our users.

We recently interviewed Suresh Kalpathy, Founder & CEO-ConnectDott, which proves that our customers are happy with it.

Here are the top 3 reasons why ConnectDott likes to work with RChilli.


  • Parsing Accuracy

    ConnectDott always wanted a significant amount of accuracy from the resume parser. This helps them in extracting the key information from the resumes. RChilli’s resume parser is an intelligent solution that parses resumes effectively and accurately, helping them file, match, and rank candidates who can be shown to the prospective recruiter. The parser extracts candidate data from the resumes and saves them in data fields such as qualification, education, experience, skills, etc

  • Robust Technology

    Technology is the backbone of any business. A product will work only if it is backed by efficient technology. RChilli’s technology never breaks. This fact is assuring for ConnectDott as they can parse a large amount of resumes in a scalable manner without any technical hassles. The customer is happy with the fact that our technology is sound and solid and delivers remarkable results. 

  • Amazing Customer Support

    RChilli is available for its customers 24x7. Our support team responds to every query as quickly as possible and takes rest once it is solved. ConnectDott is amazed that we provide quick service even in the wee hours. This is because our commitment to serving the customers comes first. Fantastic customer support is the result of an incredible RChilli culture. The entire RChilli team is in sync with each other, speaks the same language, and uses the same approach.

We are thankful to ConnectDott for being an amazing customer. We cherish this partnership.

Would you like to enjoy these amazing benefits as ConnectDott did? Schedule a call, and we will be happy to help.

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