Customer Speaks- Why GR8 People Feels that RChilli is Amazing?

July 08, 2020 by Navjot Kaur

The greatest satisfaction in business is customer satisfaction. 

RChilli is committed towards delivering quality service to its customers. We feel proud that our customers trust us and consider us as their partner and not just a vendor. 

GR8 People is one of our prestigious customers. It felt great to know how happy they were with our services when we talked to Chris Cella, VP-Product Management, GR8 People

Watch an exclusive interview with Chris Cella, GR8 People, sharing his experience on working with RChilli.

Here are the reasons that make GR8 People trust RChilli.

Document Format

At times, GR8 People gets complicated resumes with a crazy format, and the information is difficult to comprehend. RChilli’s resume parser is capable of parsing resumes of any document format, be it doc, docx, pdf, html, rtf. This helps the AI technology of GR8 People to decide which candidate can be a perfect fit for the recruiter.

Multi-lingual Support

There are instances when GR8 People’s customers want to see resume data in a specific language. RChilli adds value here as its resume parser can parse resumes in multiple languages. It supports ten global languages and 28 Europass format languages. 


GR8 People finds RChilli to be extremely responsive when it comes to parsing a massive number of resumes. With an average parsing speed of 300 ms, the parser quickly parses the resumes. Our cloud-based solution helps to parse millions of resumes in less than 30 minutes. 

Customer Support

Our support team ensures to stay proactive whenever the customer approaches with a new need or requirement. GR8 People is delighted with our 24x7 support. This is why our customers trust us.


RChilli is flexible whenever an unexpected situation arises and ensures that we work with the customer as a partner to solve the situation instead of sticking to the hard and fast rules.

Thanks, GR8 People, for being an awesome customer. We love working with you.


Note: You might want to achieve remarkable results like GR8 People. If yes, schedule a call with us, and we will be happy to help you with our intelligent solutions.

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