Customer Speaks- Why PhenomPeople Likes to Work with RChilli?

by Navjot Kaur

Customer delight is one of the core values we follow.

At RChilli, we ensure that we offer the perfect services to our clients.

It is an honor to have PhenomPeople as our prestigious customer. Our recent interview with Jim Klein, Sr. Director-Technical Solutions, PhenomPeople, clearly shows that they trust us because of our commitment we have towards them. 

PhenomPeople was looking for a partner that could help them in getting high-quality and accurate resume data. They found RChilli, and this is how the journey of this valuable relationship started.

Check out the three amazing benefits that make PhenomPeople like working with RChilli.

  • Multi-lingual Support

RChilli can parse resumes in 10 global languages and 28 Europass format languages. There is no separate configuration required. The resume parser automatically identifies the languages and region of the resume and extracts the information. PhenomPeople finds this feature to be very helpful.

  • Supports Various Document Formats

PhenomPeople also feels happy about the fact that RChilli can parse resumes in various document formats such as doc, docx, HTML, PDF, RTF, etc. Most of the companies offer parsing in docx and PDF, but the fact that RChilli supports a variety of different document formats is amazing.

  • A Trusted Relationship

Jim appreciates the fact that Phenom can work with RChilli as a partner to continuously improve accuracy over time. At RChilli, we believe in providing incredible customer support and ensure that we grow together in our partnership. That is why Phenom is associated with RChilli since its inception. 

Jim also mentioned that working with a trusted partner like RChilli is critical because it helps them provide the right context from the market back into a particular client scenario. They are able to lean on us to solve many complicated cases while parsing resumes. 

It is the reliability of our products and services that Phenom appreciates a lot.

Thanks, PhenomPeople, for being an amazing customer. We trust we will continue to share this wonderful journey with you.

If you would like to experience similar benefits as Phenom did, please talk to us and explore our intelligent solutions. 

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