Enhance Your Resume/Job Searching Capability with Taxonomy 3.0

by Vinay Johar


Taxonomy 3.0 is a new version of RChilli’s skills/job title taxonomy that improves users' ability to search for resumes and jobs. It offers a comprehensive library of skills and job profiles across multiple industries and domains, making it easier for users to find relevant resumes for a job position. Explore more!

RChilli Taxonomy 3.0


Have you ever wondered how you can find more relevant resumes for a job position?

The answer is our latest product, Taxonomy 3.0.

Taxonomy 3.0 is a new version of RChilli’s skills/job title taxonomy. It is designed to improve the users' resume/job searching capability. The users can also build a pipeline of skills/jobs they might need later.

Talking about the use cases, Taxonomy 3.0 is all set to radically change how the search engine works. It offers a collection of skills/job profiles and their related information. It is a comprehensive library of skills and job profiles spread across dozens of industries and domains with unlimited individual concepts.

What Can You Do with Taxonomy 3.0?

  • Create or build better search engines.

  • Create a job description through related information of job profiles.

  • Experience an amazing improvement in Solr/Elastic search engines.

  • Show the recommended skills/job titles to recruiters/candidates and improve the user experience.

  • Organize your resumes with Ontology.

Our taxonomy is a booster for our resume parser and Search & Match Engine, as it is used in resume/job extraction and during the searching/matching of resumes and jobs. Skills/job alias offer multiple keywords. Instead of using one keyword to filter the resumes, the matching technology uses these keywords to provide the relevant matches for resumes/jobs.

What Does Taxonomy 3.0 Bring to You?

  • Similar Skills/Jobs- Users can create extra tags in search engines with similar skills/jobs.

  • Skills/Jobs Alias- Get recommended skills and job titles with skills/jobs alias. 

  • Related Skills/Jobs- Enhance your search results by getting keyword recommendations through related skills/jobs.

  • Govt. Database- Taxonomy 3.0 can easily map with local govt databases.

  • Ontology- It is the step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles. Use it to set a standard for storing resumes/jobs.

At present, our taxonomy offers 3M+ Skills and 2.4M+ Job Profiles. Another unique feature of Taxonomy 3.0 is that it allows users to define their taxonomies


Taxonomy 3.0 revolutionizes the recruitment landscape by delivering unparalleled impacts. This advanced system enhances the accuracy and efficiency of resume parsing, enabling more precise job matching and reducing the time to hire. 

By categorizing and standardizing job titles, and skills, it simplifies the recruitment process and ensures that candidates are matched with the most relevant opportunities. Furthermore, Taxonomy 3.0 empowers HR professionals with deeper insights into candidate profiles and job requirements, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Implementing this technology significantly shortens the recruitment process, enhances customer engagement, and ultimately results in a more effective and strategic talent acquisition process.

Would you like to know how Taxonomy 3.0 can help you find the right fit?

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