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Hiring AI 3.0- An Advantage for Job Boards

Hiring AI 3.0


With new technological innovations coming up every now and then, 3.0 is the current trend dominating the HR & recruitment sector. Artificial intelligence has transformed the entire recruitment process model by bringing one-click engagement into practice. Where 1.0 was just based on keyword search and 2.0 offered synonym search, 3.0 takes into consideration the social behavior of candidates which is quite useful in selecting the right candidate.

What Do the Numbers Say?

80% HR executives feel that performance and productivity can be improved by AI. It is also expected that AI will replace 16% of jobs in the next decade. (Source: Undercoverrecruiter)

Job Boards and Recruitment

Job boards are one of the best sources of recruitment, actively used by both employers and candidates. In a survey, it was found that 42.9% candidates go to job boards for job search, 32.1% check career sites whereas 6.9% go through referral programs. (Source: Capterra)

As job boards need to meet the requirements of employers and help them close jobs quickly, they also need to give an exceptional user experience to candidates. This is where Hiring AI 3.0 comes into the picture. RChilli delivers all the benefits of automation and intelligent talent searching through this concept.

Statistics Showing Popularity of Social Recruiting

Apart from parsing resumes in real-time and searching resumes/CVs through synonym keywords, employers use social analytics to get an enriched and updated profile of the candidate.  

84% of companies hired candidates through social media last year. (Source: Undercoverrecruiter)

Also, 86% of candidates use social media to search for a job. (Source: RecruitingBrief)

Allison Doyle, Job Search and Employment Expert at About.com says, “Social Recruiting is when companies and recruiters use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites to source and recruit candidates for employment.”

RChilli and Hiring AI 3.0

Social media has not only connected people at the personal front but also influenced the recruitment process. Before selecting a candidate, employers would like to know about his complete personality apart from his educational and experience details. RChilli gives you an insight into the social media presence of the candidate through its powerful Resume Enrichment solution. A comparison is made between candidate’s social profiles and resume/CV to

  • identify any false information
  • analyze social behavior of the candidate

Resume Enrichment also includes passive resume update where old, redundant or idle resume database is made active with new and relevant information by extracting it from candidate’s social media profiles. The job changing behavior of a candidate can also be analyzed which proves to be useful for the employer while choosing the right candidate for a job/vacancy.

Job boards strive to work for an enhanced employer satisfaction. Resume enrichment is an excellent platform that empowers job boards to achieve desired results. Through social search, employers need not do background checks of candidates separately, saving a lot of money and time.

Thus, Hiring AI 3.0 is proving to be an advantage for job boards with its unique and innovative functionalities. It has not only simplified the entire recruitment process but given a new direction in achieving goals with one click.