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November 11, 2014 by dev

Social Recruiting

Recruitment technology has gone beyond the expectations og hiring managers and applicant’s requirements. Now both wish to receive a unique mix of their demands met with a single solution which is really not that difficult when one buys the solution keeping specific needs. In case of new trends and features, when it comes to parsing, social media too have dominance.

These days, organizations are leaving no stone unturned to fetch quality talent. Resume parsing, being the entry point of resumes, can significantly contribute on the Social front. Resume enrichment is an effective solution for providing updated and relevant information of candidates through social media. Once the parser fetches & parses resumes, it also gets social profiles details into the database. While keeping unique records for each field, social info can also be stored and verified with the information present in resume.

Time is the only resource that nobody can afford to lose. Recruiters can filter right profiles easily now with a social parser and put applicants one step ahead in interview scheduling. Also, while skimming the database, considering social info brought by parser, hiring applicants based on your company culture, location, language and other factors helps in creating a unique workforce for future endeavors.

Social info fetched by RChilli’s Resume Parser looks something like this:


Social Parser Social Resume Parser


Just imagine what this can do to your software:
1. Highlight info from available social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+.
2. Helps you validate info there-n-then while parsing. Pick the right profiles from the beginning.
3. Information gets stored as a unique record under Social head where you can access all the profiles.
4. What more! You can make-out easily whether applicant fits for your company or not.
5. Most cost-effective solution which is much cheaper than other Social Recruiting tools you spend on .

You’ve to check this one out as I don’t want myself to be the only one saying good things about Social Profile Search. So do evaluate our tool and let us know the desired changes. We only want you to put the first hands on the best talent available out there. Go on!

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