Is Your Website Attracting Enough Candidates?

October 10, 2018 by Imrinder Singh

 Untitled design (8)How do you feel when candidates leave your website? Read this article and know how you can resolve this challenge.

You will agree that the primary source of getting candidates is through your website career page. Whenever a candidate wants to apply for a job, the first instinct is to visit the company’s website and fill the application form. Thus, your career page becomes the face of your company when it comes to recruitment.

So, what do you think? Are you getting enough traffic of candidates to your website?

If no, these can be the reasons:

  • Your application form is too lengthy

Filling up long and never-ending application forms is a time-consuming and tiring process. A candidate expects to visit a website, read a job description and apply for a job in a few minutes. Nobody likes to spend hours or fill every single detail of their resume in columns. After uploading the resume, if the candidate has to fill in all the details again, he/she leaves the website and go to another one. This gives the candidate a negative experience.

60% of job seekers report they have quit an application due to its length or complexity

Source: talentadore

  • Your website is not mobile optimized

You cannot ignore the power of mobile. Everyone wants to complete their tasks on the go. Candidates apply for jobs from their smartphones. Thus, it is essential to make your website responsive to mobiles.

  • Your job description is unclear

Are candidates viewing your career page but not applying for the job position? What could be the reason? Either your job description is very lengthy, or it is too complicated for the candidate to understand.

After reading these reasons, ask yourself if you are doing enough to attract candidates towards your website?

If not, its time to look for a solution.

Your main focus should be to speed up the application process for the candidates. A resume parser is the end of this problem. Once the candidate uploads his/her resume, the parser will automatically pick information from the resume and fill the data fields. Thus, the candidate does not have waste time filling every section one by one. This will provide a positive experience to the candidate and attract more traffic towards your website.

Also, using a JD parser can make your job description precise and easy to understand. It is possible that you haven't included a skill, the candidate is looking for, in the description and as a result, the description stays hidden from the candidate. The parser will show your keyword-related job opening to the candidate with the help of skill alias.

What are you thinking of? Grab this opportunity to attract maximum candidates towards your website.


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