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November 18, 2020 by Navjot Kaur

RChilli- Inspiring Employees

Continuing with our ‘Inspiring Employees’ series, we are sharing another experience of our team member at RChilli. These interviews are motivating enough for us to have an awesome work culture in our organization. 

Today we talked to Jitender Thakur, IT Manager-RChilli, about his experience at RChilli.

1. What is your role in RChilli?
I am working here as IT Manager and I am taking care of IT Infrastructures like Desktop, Laptop, Firewall, etc. Additionally, I am also accountable for RChilli Cloud Server's availability and security measures.

2. For how long are you working with RChilli?
I am working here for the last 13 years.

3. What made you join RChilli?
I remember when I was giving an interview at RChilli, I could sense that this organization would give me an amazing platform to enhance my personal and professional skills. All the conversations I had with various team members of RChilli were clearly directed towards achieving success, leadership, and inculcating creativity and innovation. That’s the reason I joined RChilli, and I am glad I took the right decision.

4. What elements do you keep in mind while creating an IT infrastructure and addressing clients’ needs?
As an IT manager, security is the most important factor that I always keep in my mind. It can be related to people, paper, digital, hardware, software, etc. 

I also focus on creating sufficient and reliable infrastructure while maintaining confidentiality at the same time.

5. How does the IT & Support team bring creativity and innovation?
We keep on brainstorming about new ideas and techniques to enhance our services.
  • With a Process Management System in place, we keep on implementing new applications and software.
  • Whenever there is a new update about our products (Resume Parser, JD Parser, Search & Match, and Taxonomy), we are fast enough to communicate with our customers through release notes.
  • For any customer query, we are open 24x7 for screen sharing sessions.

6. How do you ensure that your team provides world-class service to the clients?
We use tools and applications to automate all the tasks so that our customers should not wait. Also, we have EWS, Monitoring tools, etc., in place to ensure that our customers won't get any interruptions in their service.

7. What does a normal day at RChilli look like for you?
It is always a fresh day with new energy, full of enthusiasm, new challenges, etc. My typical day includes:

  • Stand-up meeting
  • Monitoring servers
  • Handling support tickets
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Training to enhance skills

8. What makes you stay with the company for so long?
I made the best decision of my life to work with RChilli. I got the opportunity to learn new skills, become a leader, and contribute in creating an incredible work culture. I can see tremendous improvement in myself since the day I joined RChilli.

9. How do you visualize the future of RChilli?

I would like to see RChilli as the global leader of Resume Analytics with multiple add-on features and more intelligent products.

Thanks, Jitender, for being an amazing employee. 

Talk to us if you want to learn more about our awesome company culture. 

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