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May 05, 2021 by Navjot Kaur

.Meet Vikesh kumar

Our employees are our strength. This blog is the best medium for our readers to know about our employees and our work culture. 

Meet our Team Lead, Vikesh Kumar, who is helping RChilli achieve milestones.

1. What is your role in RChilli?

I work as a Team Lead in RChilli. My job involves planning new features of our products, optimizing our solutions, etc. I work closely with the technical and development team to ensure that all our products deliver exceptional service to our customers. It's been ten years since I have been working with RChilli. After completing my education, I joined RChilli as a Software Trainee, and the journey continues to date. 

2. What factors do you keep in mind while creating a product?

Whenever we conceptualize a new feature, we make sure that we follow the core values of our company. Customer delight is our major focus. The new product or feature should be easy to use and should deliver remarkable results to our customers. Apart from this, we majorly focused on our domain expertise and future growth.

We are innovative and creative in building our products.

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I make sure that I regularly focus on continuous training and hold brainstorming sessions with my team to come up with new ideas.

3. What does a normal day at RChilli look like for you?

Most of my time is utilized in meetings and brainstorming sessions. My day starts with checking my emails, conducting standup meetings, reviewing reports, handling client queries, optimization, Sprint planning, resolving team’s concerns and doing R & D as per requirements, etc.

4. What makes you stay with the company for so long?

The open and flexible culture in the company is the best part of working with RChilli. It invests in its employees by providing unlimited training. It encourages you to learn new concepts and also has a supportive family culture. I have observed that I have acquired many skills during these years and have grown as an individual both in my personal and professional life. What else does an employee look for in an organization!

5. How do you visualize your future with RChilli?

RChilli has a very clear and broad vision for business growth. We are scaling in every vertical, revenue, and offerings. So, I can sense that exponential growth for RChilli is very near. As an employee of this company, I believe that my fellow colleagues and I have a long way to go at RChilli with bright opportunities in front of us. 

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