Launching the Powerful Deep Learning Resume Parsing Module

by Vinay Johar

Building a resume parser is not an easy job. It is the result of using the right technologies in the right way. After putting in years of hard work and doing research in NLP, machine learning, and AI, RChilli feels proud to introduce its deep learning resume parsing module. 

We ensure that we keep on developing our products and serve our customers with world-class technology solutions. 

What’s the Aim Behind Introducing Deep Learning Resume Parsing Module?

Our module empowers our users to take help of the cutting-edge and latest NLP technology to enhance their business processes. We consider it as a milestone because you can witness a significant qualitative change in our existing intelligent solutions.


Parsing Which Delivers Excellent Results

With deep learning, we are now delivering improved extraction and smarter identification of resume data for better search results. With an incredible improvement in the data fields, the error rates have been reduced drastically. The new technology stack also helps in delivering a faster release of languages. 

The idea to take parsing to an advanced level through deep learning technology is now turning into reality with this module.


Deep Learning- A Vision to Bring Extraordinary Results

Let’s analyze the magic of deep learning, which brings a revolution in the HR tech industry. It uses algorithms to process a large amount of text data.

The self-learning capability of this technology makes it learn the representation of similar words automatically. Adding new knowledge is now an automatic process. Earlier, we had to create a list of skills manually. But with the adoption of NER, NRR, predicting entities and values directly from the text is possible. 

The ultimate result is a better generalization to data and a simplified approach to the data acquisition process


What’s in Our Technology Stack?

Continuous efforts and on-going development changes create a resume parser. You can see one of the best, authentic, most trusted, and best-in-category technologies. Check out this image to see which technologies are a part of RChilli’s technology stack.

RChilli Tech Stack

RChilli provides parsing, matching, and enrichment to every recruitment management system. The secret to our continued growth is that we empower our clients to add value to their business by using our intelligent solutions. 

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