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July 02, 2017 by dev

The never-ending contest about the future of Human Resources continues to take major twists and turns with business all over the world opting to introduce HR technologies as a tonic for HR Operations, Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisitions and productivity challenges. Besides, it is the primary long-term method to produce leading organizations within the economy.

Edward Teller

Whereas, the technology of the future is expanding in all directions of the world and new technologies are leaving tremendous solutions with endless possibilities.

The use of technology within human resource management has grown considerably with the majority of organizations.

Like Wipro, Source gain, Talenttar, Valuehire, Ramco, ADP, babajobs, whishworks , VanaWorkforce, eclerx and many more have been moved away from traditional HR practices, why?

Just because, Technology has transformed much of that monotony via Social recruiting, Semantic Search, Resume Parser, E-mail Inbox, Predictive Analytics and much more. When combined with these technologies into HRM provides a huge amount of insight and allows HR professionals to make decisions backed by concrete information, hiring and more efficient processes.

Moreover, Technology has enabled organizations to connect to the HR Technology Conference & Expo, events, trade shows and webinars to interact with other professionals in their industry. This has helped many HR professionals in gathering information which they require to remain informed. Moreover, it gives HR a fact-based view of the current workforce, the latest HR innovations, and technologies, identifying emerging trends so businesses can adapt the rapid technological changes which influence the nature of work.

Many experts have discussed in some detail the impact of technology on the HR processes of acquiring, sourcing, developing, and retaining and conclude that the shift from traditional HR to e-HR can lead to “substantial reductions in cost and time for many HR activities.” And, throughout the HR world, very few organizations or HR leaders doubted that this shift to technology would occur. The only remaining question is when it will occur at your firm?

Making the shift to a new HR, you’ll find it easier than you think to get the jump on your competitors.

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