Oracle HCM- Top 4 Education Industry Hiring Challenges Solved

January 09, 2023 by Aanchal Sharma

Impending job openings, early retirements, and resignations are a few reasons responsible for acute shortages in the education sector. The HR professionals play a significant role in enhancing teacher’s recruitment experience via automation. Here’s how a resume parser in Oracle HCM helps enhance both candidate and recruiter experience. 

“Hi! I’m Zack, and I’m the HR Generalist. I’ve recently joined a leading university’s HR team and have been asked to hire knowledgeable and skilled professionals for different roles. I’m assigned the responsibility of getting talented candidates onboard- from screening the resumes to scheduling interview sessions and rolling out the offer letter. All of this seems overwhelming!

I sail through the entire recruitment process and hire some great candidates despite the exhaustively lengthy process, like investing hours and days manually screening through each resume, calling back the shortlisted ones, and then completing the onboarding.

However, in the joining week, nearly half of the selected candidates failed to turn up even after accepting the offer letter, and the ones left weren’t as great as their resumes reflected. My team and I must restart the process from scratch.”

This is the story of Zack, who, like hundreds and thousands of recruiters, struggle to make the perfect hires in the education sector. This brings us to an important question- Did you ever wonder what a day in a recruiter’s life looks like?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the significant challenges that Zack might have encountered and how he can further avoid making the same mistakes.

Challenges That Are a Part & Parcel of A Recruiter’s Life

HR professionals play a strategic role in the education sector since the employees they select are directly responsible for delivering quality education to students. Educators play a multifaceted role that revolves around educating, caring for, listening to, learning from, solving problems, and mentoring students. The efficacy of their job performance is directly related to how well competent teachers are selected for the role.

There’s no denying that when educators are valued, motivated, happy, and engaged, they can foster a positive learning environment for the students. This enhances students’ learning results and improves an institution’s reputation.

A study by Statista projects, by 2026, the education sector in The U.S is projected to have around 14.47 million employees.

US education industry

So, what are the aspects that make the HR managers compromise on the quality of hiring?

  1. Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Job Post

Your career page can be a culprit here. Knowledgeable candidates won’t waste 20-25 minutes on your job application form, filling in the exact details already mentioned on their resumes. Hence, they either leave the job application process mid-way or don’t bother applying in the first place. Either way, you’ll end up losing potential candidates.

  1. Great Candidates Juggle Multiple Job Offers

Another big problem is that nearly all talented candidates juggle multiple job offers simultaneously. For a recruiter, though, the opportunity to work with talented candidates get gridlocked since they’ll be considering joining your competitor. 

  1. Judging a Candidate’s Skills Has Become a Tricky Business

Is it possible to judge an educator's hold on the subject through a resume? Despite the problem, a recruiter must shortlist candidates. This is where biased hiring happens, which automatically increases the chance of unqualified hiring.

  1. Hiring A Global Educator Is a Herculean Task

Another challenge we’ve often heard recruiters complain about is the difficulty in hiring international educators. Scanning a pile of resumes in a foreign language accurately means hiring someone for resume screening or translating the resumes online. The complete process either burns a hole in the institute’s pockets or makes the hiring manager compromise on the hiring quality.

What’s The Solution?

In an industry like education that centers around people, it is crucial that every aspect of the recruitment process, from applying for the job to onboarding, is automated. An HRIS solution like RChilli’s resume parser in Oracle HCM automates every step of the recruitment process.

Here are some ways the HRMS (human resource management solution) helps recruiters make perfect hiring.

  • Encourage Positive Candidate Experience   

Catering to one of the prime challenges of university and school recruiters, the resume parser for Oracle recruiting helps them select talented and knowledgeable educators before their competitors. Companies must know that a candidate looks at the institute’s brand image and reputation before the salary. Hence, having a good brand image is crucial and offering a positive candidate experience is one way of doing it.

Talented candidates, often in demand, don't want to waste 20-25 minutes on each website applying for a job.

RChilli’s parsing solution integration allows candidates to apply for a job in a click. No more repeatedly filling in the resume details since the parser fetches the resume details and auto-populates the required fields. The job application process that used to consume 20-25 valuable candidate minutes can now be done in less than 40 seconds.

  • Promotes Unbiased Recruitment

Biased hiring is one of the significant concerns of recruiters worldwide that hamper effective hiring. A common trend in the education sector is giving preference to white educators regardless of whether they’re qualified and skilled.

Other than this, other biased preferences include gender, age, experience, religion, and more that encourage unconscious bias.

RChilli resume parser for unbiased recruitment helps hiring managers steer clear of these preferences and inclinations by selecting fields that matter. Once set, the parser won’t fetch information on these fields responsible for encouraging bias.

Also, check out how RChilli Parser in Oracle HCM encourages unbiased hiring

  • Encourage Data-Driven Blind Resume Screening

Now that we know how a resume parser encourages unbiased hiring, we also talk about how it helps in bling resume screening. It’s only natural; with a load of screening hundreds of resumes, it’s nearly impossible to scan through each and shortlist the ones without having preferred skills. RChilli’s parser in Oracle Cloud Marketplace understands this dilemma and helps recruiters enhance their hiring quality.

The intelligent parsing solution is engineered to convert unstructured data to nearly 140+ structured data fields. This means the hiring manager can now select important information like skills, knowledge, licensing, certifications, experience, etc.  

The parser thus encourages data-driven hiring that fetches the details from a resume which helps the recruiters shortlist qualified candidates faster.

You will find this blog on how to opt for blind resume screening helpful

  • Saves From The Tedious Manual Data Entry

It’s strange that universities haven’t switched from the paper-bound recruitment process despite the evolving hiring landscape. Filling the data manually from each resume into an excel sheet, topped with the pressure to close the positions faster, naturally encourages the recruiters to take shortcuts and select candidates randomly.

Designed to work in tandem with the HR professional in the education sector, RChilli resume parser swaps the tedious manual resume screening process with streamlined automation. This reduces the risk of human errors and enhances accuracy in shortlisting candidates. The parser simplifies the job by allowing the HR manager to simply upload bulk resumes while automatically fetching the critical data and filling those in the ATS.


For an education industry HR manager, the responsibility of making perfect and skilled hires becomes essential since the decision is directly linked to students’ future. With an HRMS such as RChilli resume parser, HR operations can be easily simplified and automated.  

If we’ve ignited your interest in how automation can help you make better hiring's, we’d like to show you how the parser works.

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